4 Ways to Motivate CSMs to Go Above and Beyond

Customer Success isn’t an easy job, there’s always a certain amount of negativity that comes with it. Nonetheless, Customer Success has the potential to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs in the company. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to motivate the team to overachieve for customers.

1. Empower Your Employees

It’s critical that your staff has the tools and skills they need to satisfy customers. This starts with teaching the mindset that customer success is a priority. But CSMs must also have strong people skills, which means learning how to listen, how to empathize with the customer’s problems, and how to exercise emotional intelligence when customers are upset.

CSMs must be able to communicate well over the customer channels you use, whether it’s the phone, chat, email, or social media. They must know how to manipulate the Customer Success software you use to quickly access customer information and other resources. The first step is always to understand what the customer’s needs are, and then resolve the issue in ways that exceed expectations.

Customer-facing employees should be continuously trained on your products, services, policies, and current marketing offers. Nothing is more frustrating than a rep who doesn’t have the knowledge to provide useful answers. The ability to provide effective solutions helps to minimize callbacks and avoid tension.

2. Maintain a Friendly Environment

Before they can provide customers great service, your employees must feel comfortable and confident in their role. You should focus on developing a climate of teamwork and mutual support. Frequently set aside some time for weekly 1:1 meetings and exchange opinions and suggestions.

Another method for team and skills building is to occasionally stage training sessions, especially for new employees. Replay difficult calls or engage in role-playing scenarios. Ask the trainees to talk about what they would feel and do in a similar situation, then explain the proper responses.

Building a collaborative team requires encouragement and gives employees the opportunity to connect and discuss the challenges they face. A team that supports each other and works comfortably together will affect more positive customer interactions.

3. Acknowledge Achievements

One of the basic human needs is recognition of the contributions that are being made. Employees that don’t receive feedback may begin to feel ignored and undervalued. Be sure to talk to your team members about their lives and career goals and demonstrate your dedication to getting them where they need to be.

Talk to them about the importance of what they’re doing and how customer success benefits the company. When any individual exceeds expectations, be sure to acknowledge it and express gratitude. If the entire team hits new milestones or surpasses goals, it’s cause for celebration.

4. Be There for Them

Leadership is also important to a good working environment. You should encourage open communications so employees can turn to you if there’s a problem. Be prepared to step in to offer advice or help out with difficult customers.

Expecting CSMs to tolerate poor treatment from customers is demeaning and creates high anxiety levels that can lead to employee burnout. Instead, give them an easy out and escalation playbook to follow when customers lose their calm.

In order to have confidence and loyalty toward you, your team has to know that you’re doing your best to support them. Set the example of being a good listener, compassionate helper, and creative problem-solver, and it will be reflected in your employees’ attitudes towards their customers.

In conclusion, employees that are well-treated, properly trained, and given company support will be better and happier employees, and that translates into a better customer experience. Whether you’re a large company or a solo entrepreneur hoping to expand, refer to these tips when you need to boost your own customer success morale.