targeted demographicMedia and marketers may be completely obsessed with figuring out Generation Y, but Generation C is where your focus should be. This is a generation that isn’t labeled by its age demographic, but rather due to their constant connection to the Internet, according to Brian Solis. They have a smartphone on hand at all times, and according to Locket, they check their phones an average of 110 times per day. Reaching this demographic requires immersing yourself in the same channels that they frequent, speaking their social language, and adapting your marketing techniques so they choose you out of the countless companies they find in their searches.

Go on a Social Safari

One of the difficulties with marketing to other generations is learning the language that speaks to them. This difficulty is greatly decreased with the connected generation, as their lives are lived out on social networks and media sites. Look through Facebook groups and popular fan pages, Youtube channels with high subscription numbers, and Twitters with millions of followers in your industry. Other ways of going on a social safari to observe your demographic’s communication style include Pinterest boards and Reddit subreddits that relate to your business.

Entertainment and Shopping Convergence

The always connected nature of Generation C also merges their entertainment and shopping experiences. While watching a show on the television or computer, this generation looks up additional show information, merchandise, and DVDs on their smartphone. Wired reports that marketing through their entertainment channels becomes more necessary as opposed to building up your own brand appeal. Instead, they recommend working through individuals who have captured your demographic’s attention. These Youtube, Pinterest, and blog leaders replace traditional celebrity endorsements, and most likely cost less than trying to get through celebrity red tape and publicists to get a product mention.

Form One on One Connections

Customized content and guidance for each prospective customer helps create a personalized experience that appeals to their sense of connection. They live a life with a close relationship to their phones, down to their personalized cases and accessories. Take advantage of the social networks to address any customer concerns directly, and guide them into your shopping workflow. This also helps you address any misconceptions that may be associated with your products or services instead of letting potential customers speculate.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Generation C doesn’t limit themselves to one or two social networks and media sites. Their technology focus has them actively searching for the next big social network, picking up new devices to consume their media, and spending much of their entertainment time online. If you want to reach generation C, a multi-channel marketing tactic gives you the broadest marketing approach to capture their attentions. Tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck help you coordinate your social media profiles so you don’t neglect an important channel. Keep on top of trending social networks so you get in early on up and coming networks, creating a strong presence there before other companies in your industry make the leap.

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