Look at who is referring business to you. Is it a vendor, a happy client or a neighbor? Referrals are the easiest and most cost-effective marketing method out there and it’s important to nuruture your sources. Here are some quick tips to continue to build referrals in your small business:

1) Educate your referrers: When you reach out to your referral partners, make sure you’re educating them, as well. Tell them what’s new and good with your company, including any new service or product offerings (make sure they’re the first to know!). Let them know if you’re hired new staff, developed a new feature or expanded equipment. Remind them who your ideal clients are and who would be a great fit for your service. Tell them what’s going on in your industry, including new best-practices that their networks might find interesting. Lastly, you can even share a big challenge that your ideal client may face and how you get results. This can really help the referrer match you up.

2) Make your referral partners look great: Let’s be frank: your referrer is putting their reputation and name on the line when they refer you to someone who trusts them. If you provide a rockstar experience, their contact will appreciate them more. Do what you can to give the VIP treatment to those clients who are referred to you.

3) Give them tools: As you’re communicating with your referral partners, give them tools to help you, such as pre-written emails, QR codes, Ezine blurbs, social media posts, blog posts, various sizes of graphics and advertisements, etc.

4) Say thanks: It’s a simple method that is often overlooked, unfortunately. Make sure that those who refer business to you feel loved, appreciated and valued. While it doesn’t have to be in the terms of a referral commission, there are many other ways you can thank them – a coupon for service, for example.

Follow these tips to treat your referral partners like one of the most valuable parts of your company – after all, they are!