While we all recognize the really cool superheroes that made our childhood so amazing and maybe the unsung heroes like our parents or military, we like to think of Managed Services Providers being the unsung heroes of the business world. Not sure you agree with the comparison? Here are a few things that make Managed Services providers super heroes:

  1. They have X-ray vision into your network.
    Do you know what makes management tools so awesome? That without being inside your server room or even logged into your server, they can determine when you’re down or when important items need to be executed. They pay for a really important tool called a Remote Management and Monitoring tool and employ someone specifically to monitor and check on your network at regular intervals. It’s like X-ray vision, only better, because they can’t see your underwear.
  2. They have invisibility powers.
    Okay, so maybe it’s not your traditional invisibility power, but Managed Services providers can fix 90% of your issues without you even seeing them in the room. Not exactly because they’re invisible, but because they have remote support tools as well. The percentage of time that technicians spend on site with these types of tools is miniscule, which means that your HelpDesk is almost always “invisible” – but in the best way possible.
  3. They have super strength.
    They might not look like the world’s strongest people, but really great MSP’s only bring on employees with an absurd amount of brain strength. That comes in the form of decades of experience managing networks, varied experience in different industries and certifications in every program and application that they service. That’s some serious brain power.
  4. They can predict the future.
    A really great MSP is not just fixing your network, but they’re helping you plan predictively for your proactive IT refreshes like server, workstation and firewall replacements. They’re keeping up with changing technology and making recommendations like Office 365 migrations or cloud suggestions and business continuity strategies. You need a progressive IT partner on your side to tell you what’s coming up, which is why the experience and ability to predict where your technology should go as your grow is their ultimate superpower.

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. But your technology partner is your hero of the business world. They may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but you better bet they can connect the users within them. From their remote management x-ray vision to the power of remote support invisibility and psychic powers for technology decision, you need a really good one on your side.