A powerful applicant tracking system can be an essential element at the center of any well-crafted recruitment strategy. Its potential as a database, hiring tool, and assisting workforce make it a central platform capable of managing incredible amounts of data.

With candidate and GDPR compliance tracking, screening, assessment, and hiring processes all centralized in one platform, an ATS can provide all the core elements your team needs to recruit effectively.

Recruitment software solutions have been proven a solid foundation for recruitment and more companies are beginning to see the benefits of adopting one. However, just as ATS functionalities can be essential, customer relationship management software (recruitment CRM) provides even more opportunities for growth.

1- Effective collaboration

Take the concept of collaboration to the next level with recruitment CRM tools designed to boost internal and external communication. With all of your client data centralized on one platform, your team has access to everything they need in order to achieve their goals.

In fact, allowing recruiters to access a client company’s history, hiring needs, and point of contact details allows them to fast-track their capacity to source the right candidates.

Authentic and honest interest born out of simplified and centralized data is the catalyst of a productive customer relationship.

Furthermore, should the project be passed along to a different employee, the client would feel more comfortable when speaking to someone who’s aware of their situation, needs, hiring campaign details, and so on. More importantly, recruitment CRM functionalities allow clients to access the platform through a dedicated portal to view, monitor, and contribute to ongoing recruitment campaigns.

2- Client journey

Turning leads into happy clients can be a difficult task. More often than not, a lot of promising conversions fall through the cracks if not monitored correctly, if the team isn’t entirely informed, or if the process itself needs to be improved.

With Manatal’s recruitment CRM, users can now customize your client pipeline to document and track the progression of each potential client from a mere lead to recurring clientele. This pipeline is fully customizable to fit your sales process and can be used to centralize data pertaining to each potential client for team members and decision-makers to access.

3- Superior customer relationships

Recruitment CRM is most valuable to companies that work with a recurring group of clientele. It’s about maintaining and developing these relationships based on their value and their importance, making a recruitment CRM’s role in segmentation extremely valuable.

Segmenting favorable clients or favorable prospects allows your team to give them more focused attention. Though this may initially seem unfair to the uninformed reader, recruitment campaigns can differ in terms of difficulty and retainer level from one client to another. A healthy business model would take this into account.

A recruitment CRM allows you to aggregate all of this information and creating detailed client profiles that outline their recruitment needs, their ongoing campaigns, and other information, providing the entire team with a clear understanding of their value and the steps to take to convert or maintain them.

4- Credibility and trust

As essential aspects of modern business, credibility and trust are often in high demand.

But that kind of trust won’t be there since step one. It’s something that’s built over time, and that is extremely important during the first project with the client. It’s important to consider the customer’s experience here, and that so long as your company presents itself and its services in a professional and consistent manner, you’re on the right track. This is when the tone for the entire customer relationship is built, and it is extremely important for future success.

Credibility can be established at the beginning by adopting transparent and open communications with the client. In fact, a recruitment CRM such as Manatal’s can assist you here with its guest access feature, allowing you to invite existing and potential clients so that they may be as involved and engaged as possible. Preparing a mock campaign on your recruitment CRM can actually be a valuable conversion tool, as displaying an organized and well-developed process can be an effective selling point.

When you build trust and credibility with the client during the first project, they will naturally approach your firm with any new opportunities that may arise. The goal here is to normalize the collaborative spirit so that you may be perceived as part of the client’s organization, or an extension of it that focuses on effective recruitment practices. In terms of maintaining and developing client relationships, recruitment CRM can be invaluable.

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