The IVR that your business uses for its phone system is used for many things, but one of those things should not be making your customers cringe. These are some reactions that your IVR should not invoke in your callers. Watch and learn.

The “Whaaa?”


This is the face your customers are going to make when they can’t understand your voice prompts. Make sure you are recording them in a clear voice in a quiet space, and if you’re using speech recognition, ensure that you have the ability to set it to filter out background noise.

The Smash


Be careful how you design your IVR menu. If it takes callers in an endless loop, this is what is going to happen to your callers. If they smash their phone, they’re not going to be able to call you. And when they get a new phone, they’ll probably call someone with a better IVR. So make it efficient.

The Sob


You don’t want this one. You really don’t. This is the reaction that customers experience when they’ve given up all hope of ever speaking to a real person. Automating your system is good—in fact, it’s great—but don’t sentence your callers to the never-ending menu. Always provide the option to speak with a real person.

The Phone Death


This one is easy: don’t make your IVR menu so long and in-depth that callers are languishing while sifting through a sea of endless prompts. The point of an IVR is to save your callers time…make sure that it actually does.

We hope this helps. If you want more tips on how now to drive your callers insane with your IVR, download the 9 Tips to Make You An IVR Superstar.