Using Slides for Your Webinar Presentation Will Help You Add Great Visual Appeal to Your Message and Pitch Being Offered to Your Attendees.

A solid structure and outline are just one important part of building a powerful sales webinar. An often-overlooked but crucial piece of building a great webinar presentation is creating a visually appealing presentation for your attendees:

Tip 1: Choose Your Presentation Software

One of the first things you’ll need to do when planning a great webinar presentation is choosing a presentation software. There’s so many awesome, free resources out there to create a great sales webinar, but your best option is to pick the software that’s easiest for you and stick with it.

Some of our favorites are:

Google Slides – This is a cloud-based, free presentation software that you can access from any device on almost any browser. The one downside to Google Slides is the limited selection of templates available.

Canva – This free, with paid options, software is great if you’re wanting slides with bold backgrounds and images. Canva is easy to learn and it’s a breeze to create, duplicate, and download webinar presentations using their templates or creating your own.

webinar presentations

Prezi – If you’re looking for an interactive and even more visually appealing webinar presentation, then Prezi is the webinar presentation software for you. Prezi is a cloud-base software where you can create slides with motion. This presentation software isn’t free, but plans start at $4.92 a month.

Tip 2: Find Design Inspiration

So now you know what you’ll use to build the sales webinar, but what about the design? The quickest way to find a design is to look for inspirations from others who have already created their own awesome sales webinar.

LinkedIn’s SlideShare features beautiful presentations and it’s easy to search and find a webinar presentation geared towards your target attendees and customers.

Tip 3: Determine Your Style

There are two basic styles to use choose from when creating your powerful webinar presentation: You can create one with large images and one main point a slide, or you can choose to create a webinar presentation full of information with several bullet points on each side.

webinar presentation
The two examples on the left show a more minimal style of filling presentation slides. While the two on the right show that you can create content-heavy slides that are visually appealing.

Regardless of which route you choose, make sure that the way you choose to fill your webinar presentation slides is a way that communicates your point with clarity.

Tip 4: Adding Important Elements

There are some elements you might overlook when creating your webinar presentation. A few things you should never forget to include: your name/company name on every slide, a URL (to your website, a landing page, or the service you’re promoting) on each slide, and a slide at the beginning and end that includes information about you and your company, as well as another URL to your website or landing page.

Creating a powerful webinar presentation comes from a strong outline and a visually appealing design that will sell your message to your attendees. With the above tips , and our additional guides on creating webinars, you can create a powerful webinar presentation, even if you have zero experience with presentation design or creation!

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