More clients and businesses are turning to contractors for labor needs rather than hiring staff to do the same jobs. Clients don’t have to train their contractors or provide the same benefits regular employees require.

In addition, it is often less expensive to pay contractors than to hire full-time employees. But will contractors provide quality work in a timely manner?

If you’re a client in need of hiring a contractor you might be concerned about that. Fortunately, there are methods to motivate your contractors to get more done.

Define Needs Clearly

One way to motivate your contractors is to define your needs clearly. Communicating your expectations is a big part of getting the results you are expecting.

Contractors can’t read your mind and don’t automatically know what your needs and wants are. This is especially true if you have never worked with a contractor before. It’s also true when you change from one contractor to another.

To avoid errors and miscommunications it’s important to be very clear about your needs and wants. For instance, let them know about deadlines and any special circumstances in assigned projects. Also, if your needs or processes change, have a meeting, or virtual meeting, to discuss it.

Give Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is all too frequently given only as criticism. But if you really want to motivate your contractors to get more done it needs to be constructive and helpful.

In other words, you need to provide feedback. In addition, it should be provided timely rather than weeks or month after any issues come up. You should also give constructive criticism that is very specific so there is no question about its meaning.

Another way to provide helpful feedback is to brainstorm with your contractor. Furthermore, involving them may provide additional ideas and solutions to process problems.

When working with a new contractor you can meet regularly, at least at first, to discuss any issues that arise. Good communication from the very beginning of a client/contractor relationship can avoid many problems that could come up later.

Don’t forget to offer encouraging words and praise when it is warranted. Contractors may be even more motivated to provide exceptional work when they know they are valued.

Pay Them Fairly

Another method to motivate your contractors to get more done is to pay them fairly. A fair wage tells them without words that their work is appreciated.

When you short pay or late pay your contractors it definitely won’t motivate them. In fact, in all likelihood, it will cause them to provide subpar work.

Set up a good precedent of paying well and on time from the very start of your work relationship. Agree up front on how much, how often and by what method payment will be made. Settling these matters from the start will eliminate many payment issues later.

Provide Bonuses

If you have a contractor who consistently performs well you could offer a bonus occasionally. As an example, at holiday time give them a bonus. This is one more way to motivate your contractors to get more done and continue to provide excellence.

In the end it may require a little more of your effort and time to motivate your contractors to get more done. However, you may end up reaping the rewards of that time and effort with quality and timely service.