Every business strives to have a safe and productive workplace where each and every one of their employees can work with complete peace of mind. Several tactics like monetary incentives based on performance, free workplace munchies, recognition awards and others can really do the trick to motivate employees in the best possible way.

But is that really enough? Always remember that productivity is highly dependent on project organization. Is your workplace organized enough? If it isn’t, it’s time to do so by implementing a few hi-tech tools to keep everything organized so that you are able to keep a tab on every project on goings and do the needful as per requirement.

Here’s a list of a few hi-tech ways through which you can do that.

  1. Collaboration tools

Implement the use of cloud-based sharing and collaboration tools in your workplace and you will just breeze through your project ongoing in no time.

These collaboration tools can include several freebies such as Google Drive and Dropbox where you will be able to keep all your project related data and handle them effectively whenever you want irrespective of the fact whether you are in your office or not.

Thus, geographical barriers cease to be a problem anymore. Your employees will be able to upload and access your company data from anywhere in the world based on permissibility (meaning, they can modify or access data ONLY WHEN they are permitted to do so). Needless to say, that your workplace productivity increases at the same time.

Confidentiality of your company data also ceases to be a problem anymore. All these cloud based storage make sure of the fact that your data stays encrypted in a secured server. So security is more than guaranteed; there’s simply no doubt about it.

That takes care of the freebies. For paid tools, you have several options under your belt such as:

  • Basecamp
  • ActiveCollab
  • Asana
  • Freedcamp
  • Mavenlink

If value for money’s the thing you wanted, value for money’s the thing you’ll get; that’s more than sure.

Source- WikimediaCommons

  1. Virtual reality

Most workplaces provide their employees with power breaks to boost up their workplace efficiencies. These breaks may include things like a 15 minute coffee/snacks break to that of an online video game.

If you want to boost up that experience to a whole new level, consider implementing the technology of virtual reality in your workplace. Your employees will be able to take a trip to a virtual sunny beach and come back to your workplace within a jiffy.

Long drab work hours can get quite boring over time. This is an effective way to channelize positive energy in your workplace. A 5 minute VR break can do wonders to improve your employee productivity over the next 30 minutes.

  1. Chatbot technology to automate business processes

The chatbot technology has taken over the world by storm. That has happened because of the presence of a unique human touch in these bots which makes it seem more like humans and more like bots.

Chatbots has provided business with the luxury of customer support automation which has benefited them tremendously from the point of view of finances.

By implementing chatbots in your business process, you will be able to automate a significant part of your customer support operations, thereby preserving your precious human workforce for more complex issues.

Things like that can alleviate a lot of your headache and improve your workplace productivity in no time.

  1. Marketing tools and social media tools to improve marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a part and parcel of every business’ digital marketing arsenal. A number of tools are available in the market (such as MailChimp) that can automate this entire process for you, thereby boosting up your workplace productivity.

You can also implement social media tools like Hootsuite and Constant Contact to automate your entire social media campaigns. Through proper implementation of these tools, businesses will be able to expand their customer base in no time.

Thus, business efficiency increases on one hand and revenue increases on the other. Now that’s exactly what the doctor ordered, isn’t it?

Lastly, I would like to stress more on “motivation.” A motivated workplace is a productive workplace. So it’s always advisable to encourage their contributions and effort in case they something extraordinary for your company. Things like that can definitely benefit you in the long run.