Have you ever heard of a business complain because of too much sales?

Neither have I.

There’s always a desire for more especially in a bad market.

Yet, many businesses struggle with sales. Why is that?

There are many reasons and today I’m going to be sharing some hard facts that business owners need to be aware of before they can increase their sales.

Here’s the first one…

1. Prospects Feel Almost Obligated to Lie

Most people are nice. They don’t want to hurt your feelings or are afraid to be direct so they’ll say things like “I need to think about it.” “I’ll get back to you.”

In most cases when a prospect says that to you then it usually means a NO. They just don’t want to hurt your feelings.

The mistake many sales people make is chasing the prospect and following up thinking that the prospect is still interested.

Make sure you understand what “I want to think about it” really means and don’t be deluded by it on your next encounter with a prospect.

2. You’ll Suffer If Marketing Is Bad

What do I mean by this?

Hiring a sales professional isn’t always the right answer to solving your sales problems.

You see, if your marketing is a bit off, it’s going to make the selling harder – even for a sales professional.

A sales professional is going to take the leads that the marketing generated and try to seal the deal.

But, if you’ve targeted the wrong people, haven’t enticed them before the sale, haven’t communicated the value, haven’t qualified them, haven’t educated them… closing the sale is going to be really hard.

It’s common for business owners to think that by hiring a sales professional, all their problems will be solved. But there are many other factors at play before the sale.

Make sure you have a marketing funnel that “works”.

Works = Generates Qualified Warm Leads

3. It’s Not What, It’s Who

Is what you’re offering amazing? Maybe even better than your competitors?

Great, you’re gonna crush it!

Well I hate to break it to you but you’re missing one really important piece of the puzzle… the who.

Who are you? How big is your personal brand? How credible are you? How authoritative are you in your niche?

Your personal brand can determine how much power you have in the marketplace, how much you can charge and how much selling you have to do.

The more authority you have, the easier it is to sell.

Therefore, work on building your personal brand by regularly pushing out value to your fan base.

4. You Can’t Always Say YES

No matter how bad you want the sale, sometimes you have to refuse some people. Not everyone should be allowed to buy especially if you’re selling services, coaching, consulting or any high-end premium products and services.

In fact, if you’re selling things of high value then you should limit the number of people who can buy from you.

Look at Ferrari for example, there’s a waiting list and there are certain models you can’t buy unless you’ve owned other models.

Saying yes to everyone and making it easily accessible will make people value it less. So do the opposite if you want people to value what you’re offering more.

Everybody wants what they can’t get, remember?

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