360 feedback processOne of the most reassuring things about 360 feedback is that an employee never has to feel they are the only the one involved in the process. In fact everyone taking part in 360 feedback can take something away. 360 feedback can be used at any level of management, so everyone can feel that they all go through the same process.


First and foremost, 360 feedback grants an employee a chance to learn how they are received in the workplace. Few appraisal tools provide this level of insight. 360 feedback is designed to give a comprehensive review of an employee and their work which they can learn from and use to develop their work in future.

What is also learned during the 360 feedback process is how to give objective, constructive feedback. Many employees may never have had to review a colleague’s work nor may they be accustomed to giving objective feedback on a teammate. Trying to remove all personal opinions from the feedback process is often something that takes time to get used to.

However it could be said that by regularly taking part in 360 feedback as a contributor, as well as the subject, could help employees look at work situations more objectively and make for greater understanding of teamwork and the workplace dynamic.


360 feedback is a very useful tool for managers to gain a true insight into how their team are operating. They receive information they may have never otherwise come across. But 360 feedback isn’t just limited to being used by managers, managers themselves can be subject to the same process. It is an effective and universal tool that can be applied to all levels of management and staff, making it a very fair system.

Management, administration staff and executives can all be assessed with the same process, under the same criteria if necessary and therefore bring an air of equality to the appraisals process. It can be a very democratic system, giving everyone a chance to take part in the process they were also the subject of. In this way, everyone can be seen to gain a comprehensive understanding of the system.

There are many ways in which those who take part in 360 feedback reviews can learn and work together. In this way we can see how the 360 feedback process can work on so many levels.

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