While watching an old episode of Sex in e-mail best practicesthe City (yes I’m obsessed… still) I couldn’t help but to laugh at Carrie as she logged on to AOL and ducked when she heard that infamous “you’ve got mail”. It seems like ages ago when we actually needed a reminder to check our emails. Today we are flooded with emails from our jobs, friends, relatives, and businesses. From a business standpoint, it is important to think outside the box when embarking on an emailing campaign. With all the emails we now receive it’s easy to become lost in the crowd.

Here are three unique ways that I have seen businesses big and small use email. You can use these examples as inspiration when considering creating or revamping your business’ emailing campaign.

1. Using email as a blog

I really enjoy the emails that I receive from companies that are more blog related. These emails are a refreshing break and are more inviting than the usual order our magazine, try our service, or buy our product emails. It is important to understand what the people on your listserv are interested in when creating an email that is more blog focused. These blog focused emails are also a great way to bring traffic to your business’ website or blog site.

2. Non business related emails

Another type of emailing style that may be surprisingly beneficial to your business are ones in which you aren’t promoting or selling your business at all. These emails work because they show the people on your listserv that you have invested interest in them and that they should open emails from you. The best way to describe this is by giving you an example.

I receive emails from a local chain of thrift stores called the Attic. I look forward to and always open emails from them because the emails aren’t always promotion related. Last week, for example, their email consisted of a DIY project that one could create as a gift for the holidays. This email was brilliant. It was not in any way promoting their stores but they still drove traffic to their website by hosting the directions on the site. They also created a positive inclination in that I will now stop into their stores because I know that they care about their customers and not just about creating profit.

3. Spotlight emails

The last type of emails that I find unique are ones that give an outlet for other businesses to shine but are not a third party email. Emails in which a business spotlights or highlights another business are more effective than third party emails because they come across to the viewer as more genuine and authentic.

Whenever I receive a third party email, I more than likely send the email directly to the trash and I am annoyed that the original business gave someone else my email. However, when I receive an email for a business that I know and trust, I am intrigued by who they are highlighting or spotlighting. I am more likely to then take the time out to find out more about that business. Furthermore, I gain a better appreciation for the host business for helping other businesses thrive as well.

These are just 3 quick ways I think big and small businesses alike can think outside of the box when it comes to emailing.

What are some other ways that you have found to be effective?

photo credit: district 299