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A couple of weeks ago, I attended Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power Within in West Palm Beach, Florida. The event covered different parts of human lives, but it’s main focus was how to find the energy to live your life to the fullest. The second fay was all about how to find the energy for your business.

As a business consultant, I constantly hear how people don’t have the time or energy to work on their businesses. They have competing goals and distractions that keep them from doing what they say the want to do. Mostly they are just exhausted and can’t find the energy.

I’m a naturally pretty energetic person, but I still understand the concern. In fact, I’ve used the lack of energy excuse in other areas of my life. Since returning from the event, I have focused on cultivating as much energy as I can. Here are some of the ways I’ve been doing that.

Focus on your physiology.

A big focus for the Tony Robbins is event was how to find the energy by changing your physiology. In theory, you could think your way into having more energy but it will take forever. Instead, you can quickly gain energy by moving your body.

Think of it this way. When you start dancing, you suddenly find the energy to keep going. When you begin to exercise regularly, you become more energetic in your daily life.

I have personally felt the difference in my energy levels when I’m not exercising. In fact, I’ve previously written about how I earn less money when I don’t exercise regularly. Simply put, I don’t have the energy to.

Use music to lift your mood.

While I’ve always known that music has an effect on your mood, I’d actually neglected to listen to music while I work. More specifically, I started using music that’s supposed to help you focus.

While it’s helpful, there is only one problem – it doesn’t necessarily make me feel more energized.

Since I’ve returned from the event I’ve focused on playing music that puts me in a really good mood. More specifically, I’ve been listening to the playlist from the event itself. I’ve also created a Playlist that encourages me to earn more money (it’s mostly hip-hop at this point).

Bonus points because both playlists make me want to dance and that helps change my physiology.


I’ve been meditating for years, so this concept was nothing new to me. However, it was a good reminder of just how much meditation affects your energy. Meditation is like a shower for your mind. It’s also like how to you detox when you sweat while working out.

The problem is most people misunderstand it. They think all thought needs to stop when you meditate. In reality, they don’t. However, your nervous system certainly calms down and you feel refreshed afterward.

Final Thoughts

In order to find the energy to work on your business (or anything you want), you need to put in support that makes you feel energized. Most of us are told we need to work until we drop, but that’s actually counterproductive. By adding more play into your life, you find the energy you need to make the money you want.