Few things are more troubling for a business than losing a new customer because of a bad onboarding experience. If you identify that a customer is unhappy with their onboarding process, it is important to move quickly to turn the experience around and prevent early churn.

Before you pick up the phone, take the time to research the customer’s problem. Nothing is worse than wasting a dissatisfied customer’s time. Here are 3 common reasons customers become unhappy and the right ways to correct the situation.

Bad Internal Touch Points

Issue: There is poor personal chemistry between an employee and the customer. It might not seem critical, but the connection established during onboarding will be a vital driver for building trust and commitment from your customers.

Solution: If there is a specific individual on your team that is not working well with the customer, try to understand their perspective and build a plan to improve the relationship or transfer the onboarding project to another member of your team.

Over Promised, Under Delivered

Issue: The customer was given unrealistic expectations about the product and onboarding by the sales or marketing team. The motivation to bring in and close deals can sometimes lead these departments to glaze over the limitations of your product and services.

Solution: Understand the customer’s specific business problem and how the product is built to fix it. By level setting with the customer, you can help them understand what is possible and create realistic expectations for the future.

Can’t Use The Product Correctly

Issue: The main contact or team at the customer account is not able to use the product as intended. These issues could be due to technical issues, integration issues, or poor training.

Solution: Your team needs to be able to understand the product consumption of every user on the account. This means understanding which features are being used, how often they are being used and what results are being achieved. Armed with this information, you will know how to address their problem.

Remember that successful customer onboarding takes the right programs, practices, and tools to ensure your customers get to first value as soon as possible. If you want to see how enterprise companies are managing their onboarding operations, request a demo of Totango today!