Somewhere down the line in a relationship, people tend to run into problems. Petty arguments may arise, or even complicated disputes. Regardless, every situation can be diffused if both parties are willing to communicate with each other. Communication skills are necessary for a healthy relationship. There are three major ways communication can solve problems.

1. Communication Alleviates Anger

The reverse is also true: Miscommunication causes frustration. If you can effectively talk about your problems, and both parties are willing to compromise, anger can be alleviated. However, be sure that the compromise falls within an attainable range. Don’t make promises that you don’t intend on keeping. This will just cause further problems.

2. Communication Surfaces Issues

Some people tend to harbor bitterness or things that cause them anger. Sometimes, these same people won’t tell the other party what exactly frustrates them the most. Communication can help bring those hidden problems to light, which will also help solve problems.

Of course, you should be sensitive whenever someone does voice their underlying issues. If they were hidden before, there is probably a reason for that. There is a really good chance that the certain issue at hand can severely upset one or both parties if it is not handled with care.

3. Communication Deepens Relationships

Relationships can not thrive when there is no communication. Consider plants: They can not survive if they have no water and sunlight. In this same manner, relationships need communication, where communication is the sunlight and water. Further, make it quality communication, not simple formalities. Take time from your day to sit down and have a meaningful conversation with your loved one. You will be amazed at how much this can help you solve your problems.

If you are already having major problems, it may be hard at first to sit down and have a meaningful talk. The other party may be on their defense by your approach. Try to fight past that invisible wall and break it down. Arguments may come about during the conversation, so try to do your best to avoid sensitive subjects. The goal during these talks is to just relax and have a good talk. Set any bitterness or unresolved issues aside.

There you have it! You now know the three ways communication can solve problems. Take these three things to heart, and start improving your relationships and solving problems.