Three Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Pokémon GO’s Incredible Success

Pokémon GO is more than just a trend. It’s a marketing phenomenon. The wild success of this augmented reality (AR) game is a tribute to the importance of putting consumers’ needs first and staying on top of current crazes.

Today, many businesses are capitalizing on the Pokémon GO sensation to boost sales and increase brand recognition. Learn how you can tap into this goldmine of marketing opportunities for your local business.

1. Tap Into the Pokémon GO Craze Firsthand

As users traverse their cities in search of new and rare Pokémon, businesses are setting up display windows and posting to social media about the Pokémon in their stores, outside their businesses, or they’re taking advantage of being a PokéStop or a Pokémon Gym. The best way to find out if your local business offers something to Pokémon GO users is to download the app yourself and look around.To understand the draw users have to Pokémon GO, use the app for a day and see what you learn. Building a strong brand presence and increasing foot traffic with Pokémon GO is only possible with clever, creative advertising from the standpoint of a knowledgeable user.

2. Best Marketing Tools Within the Pokémon GO Platform

Get in the spirit and lure in Pokémon GO users for your business’s benefit. Many local businesses next to PokéStops have seen incredible success using the Pokémon GO “Lure Module” in-app purchase, which literally lures Pokémon to your location – bringing with it eager users. Download the Pokémon GO app and tap the Pokéball icon at the bottom of your screen. Select “Shop” and scroll down until you see the purple Lure Modules for purchase.

Purchasing Lure Modules takes a small investment, but it virtually guarantees bringing crowds of people to your location.If your business is near a Pokémon Gym, you’re in luck. Hundreds of users converge at Gym locations as an important part of the game. Capitalizing on close proximity to a gym means creative advertising to draw users to your business on their way to or from a gym location. While droves of customers are standing near your business with their eyes on their screens, capture their attention with relevant advertising.

3. Creative Pokémon GO Marketing Ideas

Around the nation, local businesses are coming up with interesting ways to increase foot traffic using Pokémon GO. A simple way to show your consumers you care about what they care about is to put a sign in front of your store mentioning the game and how it’s relevant to your business. This indie clothing shop has a great example:


If you want to combine Pokémon GO advertising with your social media marketing campaign, consider tweeting about it using the hashtag #pokemongo or posting a relevant image to social media, as this bookstore did on Instagram:


The point is to lure customers in by incorporating a current trend into your own company. Get Pokémon GO users talking about your store, visiting your location on their way to Pokémon Gyms, and praising your brand for smart, relevant advertising. If you haven’t jumped on the Pokémon GO craze yet, it isn’t too late to optimize your branding and creative design. Users continue to download the Pokémon GO app at incredible rates, and current users won’t be moving on to a new trend anytime soon – giving you ample time to perfect your Pokémon GO marketing technique.

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