Even if your company is skillfully running your acquisition and growth efforts in-house, there are three major ways in which a social advertising agency can add value to your work. Especially within a consulting role, an agency can take on the tasks that many companies often struggle with internally.

If you could do more in less time, maximize the ROI for your social marketing, and eliminate inefficient processes and costly mistakes, why wouldn’t you do it?

Here are the top three ways that bringing in a social ad agency can make sure your in-house efforts aren’t wasted.

1. Prevent Problems By Adding An Audit

Any agency worth their salt always spends a significant amount of time poring through a new prospect’s advertising practices and performing a full audit before ever signing them on as a client.

Audits look at what practices are working, what aren’t, how they are performing on different platforms, which ones perform better currently, etc.

By bringing on an agency to audit your current social media advertising strategy, you’re able to learn the potential problems lurking close to your campaigns.

In the same way that when you have read something a million times, you might not see the glaring grammar mistake because you’re so used to it, a fresh set of eyes on your social ads can highlight issues you might have overlooked.

Even better, an agency can highlight potential future problems and save you money by avoiding those pitfalls.

It isn’t just technology and platforms that determine how your campaigns will go. Even in the earliest stages of social advertising, your strategy must be grounded in the data you already know about your customers.

If it’s not, you can stumble into costly mistakes like paying for ads that are shown to audiences who don’t care, or even competing against your own ads for impressions.

An audit can also be the key piece to efficiently scaling your social ads and increasing your bottom line.

An agency can identify ways to scale up your advertising that optimize your return on ad spend.

Whether you’re struggling to grow your existing efforts or just starting out, having an agency perform regular audits keeps you from being problem-prone.

2. Agencies Stay In The Know So You Don’t Have To

Every digital ad agency works tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve. They know they must stay up to date on any and all platform changes, updates, and features.

And let me tell you – Facebook gives advertisers a run for their money in that respect.

Let’s be honest, your team (or just the one in-house member) likely don’t have the time to sit and pour through the analytics or learn the ever-changing best practices for digital ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, all while constantly optimizing for a successful campaign.

By bringing in a digital ad agency in a consulting position, they are able to work to educate, inform, and train your team on these nuances.

They can tailor their expertise to assist your team on the best practices for maximizing success on one or multiple platforms AND specific to your industry at that.

Even better, if your company already invests in an ad automation technology like Nanigans or Kenshoo, an experienced agency can shoulder that burden, or better train your team to take advantage of all the features within them.

3. Don’t Let In-House Drama Derail Your Advertising

Rare is the company that can glide right through a difficult situation like losing your key digital advertising person. Even if you have a large team, you’ll still be impacted if one of your star players takes their talents to South Beach. (Lebron joke, anyone?)

Whether you know that team member is moving on or not, hiring a new person to fill their shoes will neither be quick nor easy.

In this type of situation, a digital ad agency can fill in the gaps and continue to grow your campaigns while you search for a replacement.

When you avail yourself of this type of service from an agency, you’re not forced to hire someone who’s only “good enough.”

And when you take the time to find someone who is exceptional, you can then turn once again to your agency to assist with training so as to get that new person productive and contributing as soon as possible.


Regardless of whether your in-house digital ad team is one member or twenty, there are always situations where hiring an agency can augment your effects.

Whether it’s auditing your current advertising strategy, getting your team up to speed on the latest features and best practices, or keeping your campaigns successfully humming while you build your team, the services of a great agency can give your ad strategy a proven ROI.