IVREveryone has an opinion about IVR—some love it, some think it’s too impersonal—but no matter what side of the fence you’re on, here are some cool things that some of our customers are doing with our hosted IVR that make their business better. They might make you stop and think about how you can use this flexible technology in your company.

Use Case #1: Market Research

The initial reaction to the idea of conducting market research is often a groan. Obtaining data about customer demographics, attitudes, preferences, and concerns isn’t always easy. But many of our customers have found that a simple IVR survey takes a lot of the pain out of the process. Using outbound IVR surveys, businesses can discover what interests target audiences, what problems they encounter, what gaps in the market they want to see filled, and more. What makes it even better is that the questions can be updated in real time to get the latest information for your needs. Plus, you can conduct surveys without hiring outside firms to manually call customers and ask questions.

Use Case #2: Orders and Product Renewals

Automated reminders in the form of voice broadcasts are something that many businesses take on because of the obvious benefit of increasing the chances that a customer will reorder. But when you add IVR into the mix, you make it possible for that customer to begin the reordering process right there on the spot. Customizable outbound IVR surveys can automate key questions to fill requests over the phone, and the information collected is then inputted directly into your CRM. Telling your customers they are almost out of a product is one thing: giving them the power to reorder it right away is another. When you empower your customers with this ability, you’re doing yourself a favor.

Use Case #3: Delivery Reminders

Any business that involves deliveries of any kind—from local furniture stores to major package carriers—knows that there are few things more aggravating than customers who are not home for their scheduled delivery time. It means doubly wasted time for the employees: once for the initial attempt, and then again when they have to return a second (or maybe third!) time to finally deliver the customer’s goods. This migraine can be prevented by using a combination of voice broadcasting and IVR. Send out an automated voice broadcast to delivery recipients to remind them of the status of an item. Then include an IVR that enables the customer to either confirm the delivery or change the delivery time. The time and frustration saved on both ends of the transaction is valuable.

Some may argue that IVR is impersonal—but is it really? With all the options for voice-recording that hosted IVR these days, the impersonal aspect is harder to argue—but when it comes to convenience for both you and your customers, as well as the flexible ability to solve problems for your business, nothing beats IVR. Want to learn more about what IVR can do for you? Request a demo to see how we’ve revolutionized IVR for marketing, sales, and support.