product launch tips

So, you’re ready to launch the next big thing for your brand—maybe a new fiber bar or a delicious new hydrating sports drink. You’ve launched products before; it’s how you got where you are now. As an emerging brand, you’ve learned from the missteps and taken copious notes of the things that work every time. It’s your turn to shine with this new product, so let’s take a look at some tips that will help you rocket past your competitors without a hitch.

Investigate the Space

Do you know what pain points your product will solve? Is there another product in that same space that can claim the same relief? What can you say or do to create a narrative that sets your product apart?

You should be aware of your market and whether your product really fits. If there’s currently not space for a new product, it’s up to you to create that space through the unique selling proposition, the messaging, and the benefits of your product. If there is currently space for your product, you must still determine how you’ll fit into that space and begin to grow.

Focus on Your Buyers

You can never consider your buyers too many times, whether you’re prepping for a product launch or re-evaluating your brand’s standard favorites. Of course, nailing down your audience before a launch is the best way to ensure success on your release date.

Obviously, your buyers will come from all walks of life—kids, parents, grandparents, working moms, stay-at-home dads, and so many other possibilities in between. Your job before the launch is to identify that one specific buyer persona that will be your number-one fan. Then, make sure your marketing and messaging speaks directly to them.

It’s better to learn before the launch that you missed the mark than after you’ve released the product to lukewarm reception.

Include Your Stakeholders

Once you’ve developed the messaging to reach those buyers, make sure your whole team is aware. This team includes your employees, investors, and any other stakeholders in your company.

The closer these people are to your message, the more likely they’ll be to buy in. And if your team doesn’t buy in, why would your customers?

The end result is a smooth message across all platforms, from your own company’s social media and ads to conversations at parties and around dinner tables. With everyone on the same page at all times, there’s no room for confusion.

Let’s Go!

With your buyers targeted and your team prepared, you’re ready to go. Just remember that not everything will go as planned. Be ready with Plan B and even Plan C, just in case.