When you’ve lost the energy and excitement for what you’re doing, it makes the business of business growth extremely difficult!

Identifying the purpose of your business – the reason it adds value to its clients and customers – and tying that to what excites you, will provide the drive and energy you need to grow.

It applies to both small solo professional businesses right through to large companies with many people. At the small end of the scale, I have worked with clients who have been doing the same thing for many years, and have failed to grow. They are competent in their area of expertise, but somewhere along the way have lost focus on what really motivates and drives them. In the absence of focus and a vision of what you’re working toward, growth usually fails to materialize.

When your company is larger it’s even more important to have clarity, so everyone is focused on the same direction. When you start to get more clarity on what the business is trying to achieve from an overall perspective (its purpose), and what your culture is, you can start to create a much stronger identity and focus for the future. When everyone understands who they collectively are and what the purpose of their company is, clarity of direction comes into focus far more easily.

If you personally are lacking clarity on your own direction, it is important to work through this until you get to a place that brings together your strengths, your passions and your dreams and enables you to maximize the value that you are able to offer the world.

So, what are the 3 steps to bring back the excitement and drive to your business?

Step 1: Be honest with yourself

The key to this is being honest with yourself and clear about what you really love doing, are good at, and what you really want to achieve. No point trying to play big if you want to stay small. No point trying to hide as a small business if you really want to grow into a much bigger company. It’s difficult to realize that you’re a consultant who really wants to be a landscaper. But, once you decide, the clarity will provide a clear path forward on what direction to take. When you have clarity and you know which direction you’re going in, your priorities will also be clear and keep you on track.

Step 2: List everything you do in your business & highlight what excites you

I went through an exercise like this with a client who was considering closing down her business after nearly twelve years, and getting a job working for someone else. She had no focus, no passion and had completely lost direction. No wonder then that the business was in survival mode, not growth mode. After we reconnected her to her passions and her incredible strengths in the area of her expertise, I could actually see her physiology change. Then when we mapped out a big vision that she previously never really entertained (because it was ‘too big’) her enthusiasm and energy for her business was rekindled.

She clarified what she really wanted to do (removing limiting beliefs like ‘it’s too big for me’), developed a 12-month growth strategy, and knew exactly what she had to do next. For the first time in a long time she was really excited.

Step 3: Find other people to do the stuff you don’t want to do

Don’t be scared to do this as it’s the key to growth, regardless of how big or small your business is.

I discovered some time ago that what I really love doing is analyzing a client’s business, and giving them a framework that provides instant clarity. They can immediately see what I see in their business, and know exactly what needs to happen to improve it and grow it, and how to do that. That’s where I add massive value.

The areas I don’t add value I make sure other people do.

Don’t start all at once but list one key thing you don’t like doing, but seem to spend too much time on, and find someone else to do it.

If you work through these three steps and get to here, you will have made huge progress in growing your business and reconnecting with your excitement for it!!