This job search environment is extremely difficult.  Anyone who is in this market right now can attest to that. The stress associated with the search can prove to be very daunting and downright disturbing to the sanity of those searching. You have bills spouse’s friends and a host of other issues to deal with during this dilemma. A lot of time is spent just trying to breathe. With this being said there are at least 3 reasons why you should stop looking for a job.

  1. A job is not looking for you! Unemployment statistics currently reveal a near 10% unemployment rate   running rampant throughout our system /economy.  This means that although some corporations are getting back on track they have found a way to make some money with less help so many of them will be slow to hire. Some will but many will not so do not hold your breath waiting!
  2. It is a waste of productive energy. The time you spend looking for a job saps your energy. Think about the great copy you write for your executive summary and career objectives. The number of phone calls you make to prospective employers and friends and family that may be able to possibly “hook you up” with employment. The truth is that the… who you know  and who knows you  concept can be very effective, but again  most people who are amongst the tens of thousands  that are out of work do not have  that as an option.
  3. It is a waste of money:  when you are out of work you run through a significant amount of money just trying to survive let alone look for a job. The activities associated with your search can on a basic level run you into the hundreds of dollars. The more sophisticated you are as far as your skill set the more searching for a job is going to cost you. You will be hiring recruiters with upfront fees; you will be printing hundreds of resumes on expensive linen paper and waste hours on the internet scouring job sites. You will be burning tanks of gas (3-5 dollars or more per gallon depending on geography) just to interview with some shmuck that does not call you back (Go figure). These costs can run into the thousands of dollars.  Financially, this is not a good idea.

Well what to do you ask? ENTREPRENEURSHIP that’s what… take your talents into a workforce to DREAMS state of mind!!!  

  1. Employers are not looking for you so stop looking for them. Start looking for clients… think about your skills and different ways to monetize them. Example: if you bake a mean Red Velvet cake search out people who like cakes and offer your cakes online…If you are a mechanic set up a mobile mechanic service and go fix cars with minor problems on site, if you are more of the white collar type find people in your industry and offer your services as a consultant at a rate lower than what they would pay in house staff. These are a couple of ideas to jumpstart your mind set, so get moving!
  2. Your energy level for a prolonged   job search can be sapped very quickly so use it for something you can control. Your activities should focus getting a basic home based Business license (under 100$) set up a domain ($ 7.00) and builds a basic website anywhere from do it yourself to a 1-3 page setup for a 150.00 dollars…now you are in business!  Visit chamber of commerce meetings for free and sales groups like BNI for at least 3-4 visits free. You can print Business cards through vista for less than 20.00! Now your energy can be spent passing out cards to purchasing departments and buyers and you control the activity… this is just a sample of the activity but again another idea to jumpstart you !.      
  3. Everything above can be done on the cheap and once most of it is done it is a onetime cost or a periodic cost that will allow you to make money for long periods of time before more money is required to be spent again. This is much more cost effective than chasing an HR manager or a recruiter to call you back or just hoping that something will happen. The money saved will help you sustain.

These ideas may be used in conjunction with a job search. They are designed to help you jumpstart yourself and not be a prisoner to the situation you have found yourself in. It will empower you to find a way to supplement your income if you are working in an underpaying position, provide you some ways to make money if you do not have a job, or put you on a new path to realize your dreams!  

Get moving today your dreams are waiting!