3 Reasons to Get a Business Blog

Before I start I have a few facts for you, did you know that 1 in 3 Americans read blog posts on a monthly basis, more interestingly around fifty percent of these find the information they found on blogs helpful when making a final decision on their purchase.

When you actually think about the raw possibilities for your business this is an amazing opportunity to market your products and services. Is your business blogging at the moment? If they are not – what is there to lose?

One to one

Probably the first noticeable benefit to having a company blog is the connection customers have to the business; your blog is the perfect incubator for a relationship between both parties.

Interaction with the customer helps to build a more engaging customer and potentially a community of loyal customers who feel like they know the company on a personal level and on that note trust you and are more likely to make purchase directly from you over a competitor.

Blogging is one of the best ways of building a trusting and transparent business to customer relationship, a core thought for consideration here is that you can turn a reader into a buyer with relative ease.


Blogging allows you to advertise in any way you like a product or service, you can tell your customer as much or as little about your offerings as you would like, compare it to other products, whatever.

This is not to say use your blog as a solely promotional tool, use it to get the customers to trust and respect the content and your brand, include your pitch, just don’t overdo it.

If like many established business bloggers you have built a strong relationship with a successful community, the messages you pass on will likely be more trusted and readers will accept your promotional messages, after all they are probably interested in making a well-informed decision and you can help them here.

Search Engine Visibility

Interestingly another positive reason to start up a blog is that it increases your visibility in the search engines for keywords, the more content you have the more likely phrases will be matched and you are featured in the results. If your content is good and useful to their sites and bloggers who share your articles you will essentially build higher authority for those pages and your site as a whole, which will likely link to products or services on your actual site.

Hopefully, my three reasons for getting your business blogging have helped to convince you that it is a good idea, moreover a vital asset to the business to customer relationship and the conversion from reader to customer and ultimately to repeat customer.

Do you have a business blog, or are you looking to set one up? I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences during setup.

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