Let’s talk about how you can increase your revenue per client by asking 1 of 3 simple questions.  It’s easier to sell to existing clients than bring on a new ones. This is where up-selling, bundling, and cross-selling come into play.

The ultimate up-sell

Up-sells – McDonalds is the king of the up-sell. “Do you want fries with that?”  McDonalds spends a $1.29 to get someone to McDonalds, of which they make 17 cents. They based their whole business on the up-sell, and realize by asking a paying customer a simple question, that their profit per customer could sky rocket.

Bundling – Cable companies have this down with their irresistible cable bundle. They realize that it costs the company nothing extra to setup your internet along with your cable TV. It doesn’t even matter which was the core service. When a person calls for cable TV and they give the customer an irresistible offer of bundling the two services together. That extra service is additional profit.

Cross-sells – Amazon is the king of the cross-sell. We have all gotten those emails or seen the links for “Customers who viewed this also viewed.”

Once a client buys from you, they are 20X more likely to buy “more” from you in the future, because you have established trust and value.

3 questions to make sure you implement in your business: 

  1. What can I up-sell my clients? If a client bought a product from you, simply ask them these 3 simple words, “Want some help?”
  2. What can I bundle together that costs little or no more expense?
  3. What can I cross-sell that compliments what my client already bought?

So now that you have the three questions that can generate more profit, I have one simple question…. Want some help?