I often get asked how on earth I’m able to attract opportunity in my business. At this point, most clients and deals are coming to me. I also have serendipitous things happen all the time, like a major celebrity being at my co-working space – but that’s a story for another time.

The reason people ask me this is because they likely aren’t attracting opportunity themselves. Some people just seem like they have it easy while others struggle. In my experience, there are certain common principles I’ve seen among successful businesses that allow them to attract opportunity.

Principle #1: Consistency.

I’m convinced that the key to attracting opportunity in business is consistency. Every single successful business I know is consistent. And it’s not just in their work either, they are also consistent in their marketing.

By being consistent in their marketing, they attract opportunities left and right. Someone finds their podcast, their Instagram stories or their blog and then suddenly they are being offered major opportunities.

Principle #2: Always be generous.

Another way to attract opportunity in business is to always be generous. For example, I’ve been supporting other businesses for years. I tweet out their stuff, I post on Instagram, I do whatever I can.

Just last weekend I went a sample sale that a friend was putting on. She runs a magazine and was offloading some stuff from editorial shoots.

In an effort to support, I showed up, spent money AND did Instagram stories while I was there to spread the word about the amazing work she’s doing.

By the end of the day she said, “We need to have lunch. You’ve always been supportive of me I want to know how I can support you.” For the record, she has a platform with hundreds of thousands of followers so a collaboration would be major.

The problem I see among business owners is they are constantly worried about competition. Stop competing and start collaborating and the opportunities will fall into your lap.

However, you must be genuine. Which brings me to my next point…

Principle #3: Stay detached.

The third principle in attracting opportunity is to stay detached. In the above example, I mentioned how I was supporting my friends’ business by purchasing from her. I also supported by sharing on social.

I do this because I actually want to. I’m already a fan of her brand and believe in her message. The products are also fabulous. I don’t do it expecting her to want to help me in return. Instead, I give freely.

Too often I go to networking events that are purely transactional. Business owners tweet something out expecting to be reciprocated. This is called entitlement. Entitlement can be felt and it won’t sway anyone to want to help you.

This is why business owners need to practice detachment if they want to attract opportunity. Give freely. Help freely. Do things because you WANT to do them, not because you have certain expectations.

Final Thoughts

It really isn’t difficult to attract opportunity in your business. By being consistent, being generous and staying detached it will start to seem like opportunities come out of nowhere.