lead intelligenceGood lead intelligence can make all the difference in turning a prospect into a client. By understanding the information your prospects give you, you take the first steps in getting that sale.

The lead intelligence information that gets you there comes in three phases.

On-site Lead Intelligence

While a potential client is browsing your website, they’re also sharing valuable lead intelligence. By gathering information on what pages a prospect visits and what resources they access, you can give your sales team a real head start in turning that lead into a sale. As long as your calls to action and on site information do their job, your prospect will actually create this valuable lead intelligence for you.

Shared Lead Intelligence

Your prospects will also willingly share some very specific lead intelligence before they leave the site. Through contact forms, your prospect will give you their basic details. What information these forms call for is up to you, so ensure they call for the most valuable lead intelligence information for your sales team.

Obviously the more information you get, the better. But it’s important to strike a balance between required information and the size of the form. You don’t want to scare off a prospect by asking too much. Some lead intelligence is better than nothing.

Post-Visit Lead Intelligence

The lead intelligence shared on a contact form can be just a starting point in building a picture of the prospect. Finding prospects’ Twitter or LinkedIn profiles can help build even more lead intelligence. It can give your sales team a platform to start an informal conversation too.

With just a little mining of the lead intelligence information provided by the prospect, your sales team can gain a real advantage.

Lead intelligence is all about capturing the vital information about your prospect and giving your sales team the best chance of getting a sale. By understanding the three phases of lead intelligence, you can gather the right information and start getting those sales.

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