While growing my business, I’ve learned that mindset is without a doubt one of the most important ingredients to success. You may have the right skills and all the resources in the world, but it’s difficult for things to come together without the right attitude. You won’t step outside of your comfort zone or take advantage of opportunities even if they’re right in front of your face when your attitude is lacking.

Changing your mindset doesn’t happen overnight — it takes work. One practice I’ve used is exchanging old beliefs for new positive ones. Here are a few things to catch yourself saying and alternatives that are better for your mindset:

I’m not ready.

People usually aren’t 100% ready for anything they do the first time around. They may prepare, practice, and gain the right knowledge, but trying something new is nerve-racking. If you’re waiting to start a business, pitch a client, or raise your rates, the time is now. You have got rip the band aid off at some point.

Switch “I’m not ready” to “I can succeed at anything I put my mind to.”

This has already been done.

Have you ditched a business idea because you’ve seen it done already? Time to revisit that idea. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses online and offline. You’ll be hard pressed to find a completely new idea. I started blogging and freelance writing at a time when blogging and freelance writing were all the rage. There was tons of competition, but I didn’t let that get me down. I decided to set myself apart by focusing on one blogging niche and specializing in one area of writing.

There’s room for everyone to eat. Your unique way of executing a business idea can make you stand out even if it’s something that’s been done over and over again. Now more than ever it’s less about what the product or service is. People want to buy from people. If you’re someone they can relate to, they’ll shop with you instead of another business offering a similar product.

Switch “This has already been done before” to “I bring a unique and fresh perspective to this business idea.”

I can’t afford that.

Sometimes in life we can’t afford what we want. This doesn’t mean your inner voice needs to become a Debby Downer. You can adopt a mindset of lack if you constantly tell yourself you can’t afford things in your personal or business life. It can cause you to think that you need to squander money and that it won’t come back to you.

This isn’t permission to go out and rack up debt on your credit card. However, penny pinching and extreme budgeting shouldn’t be your only focus. Bringing in more money can be a solution to you affording the things you want. To bring in more money, you need adopt an abundant and wealthy mindset.

Switch “I can’t afford that” to “It’s not in the budget right now, but I will make money and save up to buy it a bit later.”

Final Word

Mindset is key. Having the right mindset gives you the audacity to go for what you want. I worked on my mindset by working with coaches and reading self-development books on business. When my mindset improved, income and opportunities improved as well.