Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

You have great ideas and goals for your business. Maybe you’re looking forward to quitting your job soon and taking your passion project to the next level.

There’s often uncertainty that surrounds many business owners before and after they take the leap. It’s that little voice you may hear whispering doubts to you about what you can and can’t do.

This is commonly referred to as a limiting belief. Limiting beliefs are thoughts that constrain us in some way and by believing them, we don’t think or say the things that they inhabit. Limiting beliefs can have a negative impact on ourselves and our self-identity.

If successful entrepreneurship is a goal, it’s time to get rid of these thoughts that will hold you back. Here are 3 common limited beliefs to abandon this year.

1. I’m Not Good Enough

Your limiting belief says that you’re not good enough to do ______. Maybe you think you don’t have enough experience or that others will not view you as an authority if you offer a particular service or product in your business.

You may experience a ton of imposter syndrome as you constantly put yourself out there but it’s important to realize that no one is good enough in the beginning. Success is a journey and it takes time to make progress. You must also realize that if you know more than your target audience, you are good enough and qualified to help them.

When you go get your car fixed, you don’t look for the world’s most knowledgeable car repair expert. You look for someone who is experienced, credible, and know more about you than cars. Think the same way with your audience. If you can help solve a problem for them, you are good enough and experienced enough.

2. People Won’t Like Me/What I’m Doing

Fear of rejection is something a lot of people deal with. When it comes to taking your business to the next level, you can fear that your audience won’t like you or your products or services. Instead of approaching projects blindly, focus on planning and really narrowing down your target audience.

Create a customer avatar which includes demographics, interests, and habits of your ideal audience member or customer. Once you’ve created your avatar, focus on only serving that type of person and providing solutions to their biggest problems and obstacles.

Everyone probably won’t resonate with you and your business, but your target audience will and they will support you.

3. I Don’t Deserve It

Even after you reach or a certain level of success, another limiting belief might creep in and make you think you don’t deserve to succeed in your business.

You may fear all the progress you made will go away one day or believe you lucked upon good fortune somehow due to certain privileges. If other entrepreneurs can be successful, why not you? While you don’t have to flaunt your wins all the time, you don’t have to feel guilty about them either.

Look at all the hard work you did to get to where you wanted to be and realize that everyone’s situation is different.


Don’t let limited beliefs have a negative effect on your and your entrepreneurial goals. Yes, running a business can be a huge risk, but you’ll never be able to comfortably take that risk if you allow negative beliefs to hold you back.

Commit to abandoning these limited beliefs this year and watch your business grow.