There are different and totally non-dubious ways to use offshore outsourcing without turning your workforce into an angry mob. By making the right investments and working with the right partner, you can grow your business into a corporation without the need to cut corners.

Here are three innovative ways of capitalising on opportunities offshore, which doesn’t have to mean outsourcing to fly-by-night call centres:

Establish operations offshore.
Outsourcing is a popular and cost-effective way to hire staff and/or procure services at half the cost of your domestic operations. However, there’s a risk of losing knowledge and expertise that should have been developed in-house. You may be able to set service level agreements and KPIs, but you don’t have control over the staffing and process to deliver the output.

The managed operations service delivery model enables you to set up operations offshore without going through the tedious, time-consuming task of building one on your own. No, this isn’t a tax-evading scheme. The provider will be responsible for the resources – office space, PCs, internet bandwidth, etc. – while you get to hand-pick a dedicated staff and focus on sales. The service provider charges a fixed monthly service fee per employee which includes direct employee costs (salaries, benefits, insurance, etc.).

This model is suitable for those with outsourcing experience though, so beginners need to gain some hands-on knowledge first.

Bulk up without weighing yourself down.
With recent popularity of start-ups scoring big from giant corporations that want to be on the forefront of technology, entrepreneurship is now more popular than ever especially among millennials. However, the reality of building a start-up is a treacherous uphill climb where savings would be depleted, social lives would be non-existent, and failures wait at every step.

Offshore outsourcing enables start-ups to build global teams and expand their business without selling their souls to a loan officer. In time, this offshore team could grow to 50-100 FTE. This presents a more attractive prospect for buyers and investors.

Extend your global reach.
Australia has dubbed today’s global business climate as the “Asian Century”, commissioning its government to write a white paper detailing the importance of aligning itself with China. Those with foresight already know years ago that China is a sleeping giant. It is not alone as it continues to rise out of the smog.

There are emerging economies in South-east Asia that have rosy prospects for the brave. As more companies locate offshore and generate jobs, more people gain purchasing power, leading to a demand in consumer goods and professional services. Outsourcing businesses can take advantage of the situation and enter a new market.

Offshore outsourcing is a global reality that can be beneficial when included in a long-term strategy.