What’s it going to mean to you when you connect with influential people?

Is it to get endorsements on your site for more credibility and high conversions?

Is it so they promote you to their audience and help you get more sales?

Maybe you want to collaborate with them because of how much respect you have for them?

Or maybe it’s just an ego thing?

Well, whatever it is, instead of coming across them by chance maybe from their ads or finding them on social media… I’m gonna share a few ways that I’ve used to find some great people.

1. Google Top Lists

This is probably the easiest way to find influencers. Simply Google terms such as:

  • “Top [Niche] blogs”
  • “Best [Niche] blogs”
  • “[Niche] blogs you should read”
  • “Top [Niche] to follow on Instagram” (or any other social platform you want)

All of these can help you find the top influencers in your field. A lot of them may appear to be so big and intimidating but that’s not always to case.

Here’s a pro tip: each influencer has a platform they love to hang out on where they respond to their fans. Get onto that platform and leave a thoughtful comment there that will make you stand out from all the other people fighting for their attention.

2. Events

Events are great because it’s face to face. They get to see your face which is easier to remember than a name or a bad profile photo.

I’ve had influencers remember be after many months… and it’s not like I had a long conversation with them. It was like a quick 3-minute conversation and after 3 months, he still remembered me very well.

When that happened, it became clear to me that face to face was the most powerful way to connect with influencers. (although it should have been obvious from the start)

If you want it bad, then wouldn’t you go to an event to see an influencer that could unlock doors to all the above I just mentioned in the beginning?

3. Books

Most people don’t really think about this one. I don’t find this method mentioned as often but it’s also where many of us get to know our favorite influencers and it’s also the place where we get to learn a lot from them too.

Books. Just type your niche and search for it on Amazon and you’ll get a list of authors (authorities in their niche).

You can then reach out to them as one of their readers, they usually love it when their readers get in contact with them.

Pro Tips

Just these 3 ways alone – you can use them to find and connect with hundreds of influencers. You don’t need to learn 25 ways to find influencers or 67 ways to sneak into their inbox.

Just be genuine. Although there are some basic guidelines that are good to follow:

  • Never send a really long email – limit to 300 words max (ideally around 150 words)
  • Never ask for anything upfront or seem like you have a hidden agenda behind connecting with them
  • Give them value and don’t expect anything in return

Those are some pretty basic guidelines that many people break that could potentially ruin a potentially great relationship you could have had with an influencer.

Remember it’s all about quality, not quantity.

It’s about those few key relationships that matter.

And remember it’s a relationship so it’s a give and take – not just taking.

Only then will you be able to build anything meaningful.