27 gift ideas for the special entrepreneur in your life

Finding the perfect holiday gift is a challenge. Finding a gift for that special entrepreneur in your life is even harder. Entrepreneurs are notorious for living a minimalist lifestyle and committing everything to creating their dreams.

So what can you get for that budding entrepreneur? How about making their lives just teensy bit easier with these gift ideas for entrepreneurs.

We even put to gether a Pinterest board with loads of ideas for ya! Check the board out

Check the board out here.

Here are 27 Christmas gift ideas for the special entrepreneur in your life.

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#1 Coffee

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to enjoy a good cup of coffee, but entrepreneurs have a new level of love for this amazing substance. It keeps them wide awake and focused for long bouts of time! If you really want to impress them, pick up a bag of Bulletproof coffee. This substance is specifically designed for maximum performance.

Obviously any delicious brew will do.

We Recommend:

Bulletproof Coffee, Toby’s Estate, Starbucks Reserve

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#2 Coffee Mugs

You can’t enjoy that heavenly brew without a good old fashion coffee mug. For an easy fix—grab them a Starbucks Holiday mug. Looking for something with a little more kick? Check out this On/OFF mug from FAB.com

We Recommend:

Starbucks Holiday Mug, On/Off Mug, Bodum Travel French Press

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#3 Chemex or French Press

Complete the coffee gift set with a way to brew that delicious substance. Chemex and French Presses are favorites among the coffee aficionados. They increase the taste while looking ultra sleek in the process. Whatever you do, don’t buy a Keurig, they are a disgrace to real coffee. Join the movement #KicktheKeurig

We Recommend:

Chemex & Filters, French Press

#4 Books, Books, Books

Successful entrepreneurs never stop learning. We always want to know the latest idea or concept that will give us a competitive edge. Here are X book suggestions we recommend. They are all amazing, and you don’t have to limit yourself to one.

We Recommend:

Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck

Seth Godin’s What to do when it’s your turn, (and it is always your turn)

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill

The Science of Getting Rich

Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey

#5 Audible Membership

You know how books are amazing. Well, audiobooks are like crack cocaine but good for you. All the knowledge of industry experts without having to take the time to read. As that entrepreneur drives to the next big meeting they can be listening to some awesome books. We recommend the 48 laws of power.

We Recommend:


#6 Learning Memberships

Knowledge is power, applied knowledge is unstoppable. Learning new skillsets takes time and hardwork, something all entrepreneurs have in spades. Help your special entrepreneur learn a new skillset that will last them the rest of their life.

We Recommend:

Lynda, Skillshare, Udemy

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#7 – 5 Minute Journal

How you start and end your day is very important. The 5-minute journal helps entrepreneurs stay positive and end their days being positive. This awesome tool helps entrepreneurs (and everyone) practice gratitude every day. The app is very awesome but we prefer the book format. Writing down all the things you are grateful for just seems more powerful than typing it on the computer. Plus you can’t wrap an app.

We Recommend:

5 Minute Journal, 5 Minute Journal App

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#8 Notebooks and Planners

I can’t tell you how many notebooks entrepreneurs go through. Even though we live in a digital world sometimes we need to write that idea out, draw a marketing funnel, or just make a shopping list. Moleskin is the “go to” source for brilliant stationary.

We Recommend:

Moleskin, A Beautiful Mess, PaperSource

#9 Online Software

There are so many services online that entrepreneurs need to buy every month. Take the load off and pay their bill for a month or even a year in advance. Heck if you really love them you can pick up two or three services. Some common services that entrepreneurs have to pay are. Website hosting fee’s like Bluehost

We Recommend:

Email Marketing with Getresponse, Mailchimp, or Awber

Marketing funnels and landing pages with Leadpages

Bookkeeping services like Bench

and many more.

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#10 A New Website

Ok this one might be a bit harder—but if the entrepreneur is just starting out, buy them a subscription to Squarespace. Or go even one level further and pick them up a WordPress template at Themeforest.

We Recommend:

Squarespace, Themeforest, Mojo-Themes

#11 iPhone Lenses

For the entrepreneur who also loves playing on Instagram. Get them some nifty iphone lenses. You can pick up simple ones at your local 5 below store, or you can go all out and get them a nice Olloclip

We Recommend:

Photojojo Lens Wallet, Olloclip, Moment Lenses

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#12 Phone Accessories

Olloclip has great accessories: iPhone stands, carrying cases, and much more. Add video attachments and microphones to help them with video functions, and maybe even get a sweet iphone tripod.

Want to use your phone without getting all the radiation to your head? Pong made a great case that deflects radiation. This will keep your entrepreneur’s noggin safe!

We Recommend:

Diffcase Cinema Ring and Tripod, Pong Case

#13 Power Banks

One of the scariest feelings in the world is when your phone hit’s 1% battery. Power banks are big battery packs for your phone. This is an awesome gift for anyone who spends more time looking down on their phone that where they are walking.

We Recommend:

Aukey, One Plus, Hyperjuice Plug

#14 Hyperjuice Mac Battery Packs

This is a Power bank for your Macbook. Never have to worry about finding a power outlet at the local coffee shop again. Let your entrepreneur friend hustle, cord-free with this awesome gift.

We Recommend:

Hyperjuice External Battery Pack

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#15 Camera gear

If your special entrepreneur loves to take photos Camera gear is the way to go. With a slew of great gift ideas for all price ranges, how can you go wrong. Get them a little reflector, a light box, or even a whole new camera set up.

We Recommend:

Olympus Pen, Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card, Reflector

#16 Storage: Hard Drives, Flash Drives and Clouds

Speaking of gear and gadgets, computers gear is sure to thrill. It might not be flashy, but something as simple as a terabyte removable hard drive can help free up hardware space on that aging Macbook pro.

You could give a year of Dropbox… Dropbox is a cloud storage service that to be truly honest, is a “God send.” Having all your important files and documents always available and backed up. Give the gift of nearly unlimited virtual storage to your favorite entrepreneur.

We Recommend:

Lacie Porche, USB Flash Drives, Dropbox

#17 Messenger Bag

Carrying all the cool new loot just got easier with the Citizen Chrome Industries messenger bag. These are stylish, practical, and comfortable. I rock one every day!

Black not their color? You can customize your Chrome bag. Or get them a leather messenger bag off Etsy

We Recommend:

Chrome, Leather Messenger Bag

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#18 Beats by Dre

Yea these are awesome. The new line of headphones by Dr. Dre (bought out by apple) are comfortable and sound amazing. Let your favorite entrepreneur rock out to their tunes, or listen to that audible membership.

We Recommend:

Wireless Beats

#19 Urbanears

Beats a little outside your budget? Check out UrbanEars, these headphones have a full range of incredible sound. They are so good for the price range, that I am literally using them right now as I write this post.

We Recommend:

Zinken, Plattan

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#20 Wearable Tech

This industry is taking off so fast, but we just love what’s coming out! There are loads of different wearable tech gadgets that have entered the market.

We Recommend:

Ringly, Apple Watch

#21 Advertisements

What does every entrepreneur want? More business, give the gift of a new client by buying them some marketing. This is a little tricky because you can’t directly buy facebook or google ad’s for someone else. But if you arrange it with your entrepreneur I am sure they will figure it out.

If all else fails give them a referral. After all, the holidays are a great time to go full throttle in your business.

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#22 Travel and Airfare

Entrepreneurs travel! Buy them their next flight on Southwest

They are sure to be thankful be it for their next corporate flight or a trip to see you over the holidays.

We Recommend:

Southwest they have the best prices usually, and one of the few places that sell gift cards.

#23 Travel Accommodations

While you are at it, get them a gift card to AirBnB with thousands of homes across the world. Airbnb makes it super easy to find a place to sleep that is in your price range.

We Recommend:


gift ideas for entrepreneurs

#24 Office Co-working Space

It just so happens that when entrepreneurs travel… we still work. Thankfully WeWork is an amazing co-working space that is located all around the USA. In just about every major city you can find a WeWork. Call them up, pay for a membership and tell your entrepreneur friend they now have office space for a month—or a year!

We Recommend:


#25 A Hug and Support

This might sound cheesy but sometimes this is the best gift you can give. Life as an entrepreneur is hard. And unless you walk the journey it is just impossible to know how challenging it can be. Give your special entrepreneur a big hug and tell them that while you might not understand it, you support all their decisions.

I recommend a big box of tissue too, cuz they might just cry out of happiness!

#26 Movie Tickets

Entrepreneurs are humans too. They get excited about non-work things. Like the release of the new Star Wars movie. Grab them a couple of tickets and tell them to take a break from all the hard work. Simple and cheap, but what a great gift!

#27 Apple or Google Play Gift Card

Be it to buy some new tunes, or download the cool new app. Having an Apple gift card is a great last minute present. You can rush over to CVS and pick one up while you are driving to that last minute holiday party.

We hope this gift guide will help you pick out some meaningful swag for that special entrepreneur in your life.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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