Each of these trends is adapted from David Houle’s latest book, Entering the Shift Age: The End of the Information Age and the New Era of Transformation. David Houle is ranked as one of the top futurists in the world.

Seeing The Future

“Sometime between the next 10 and 100 years, we will experience the amount of change we have experienced in the last millennium.” ~David Houle

21 Surprising Trends To Help You Prepare For What’s Next

  1. The 21st century will be right-brain dominated with creativity as a dominant value.
  2. Today we are experiencing the greatest generational transfer at the greatest speed in human history.
  3. Biology and technology will merge in ways that will force us to rethink both words.
  4. Data will become the most critical organizational asset and liability.
  5. Brainwave computer interface will develop rapidly and spill into the gaming world making it crucial to hold great concentration.
  6. The Millennials will have a higher percentage of entrepreneurship and levels of independent contractors at an earlier age than ever before.
  7. Our electronic connectedness will continue to accelerate and will obliterate ignorance.
  8. Power will move from Control Power (hierarchal power) to Influence Power (networked power).
  9. The Cloud and cyberspace will be the space for future conflicts and crime.
  10. Augmented reality will allow curiosity to be immediately satisfied and self-directed learning will happen anywhere.
  11. Technology will allow us to bridge the language barriers we have lived with our entire history.
  12. By 2020 we will be able to carry holographic communication capability with us.
  13. Transitional time from the reality of millennia of assumed male dominance to the reality of assumed gender equality and very probably female dominance.
  14. Intellectual property will be the wealth in the new era.
  15. Data workers and deep data analytics will be one of the fastest growing professions of the next generation.
  16. Millennials will work toward more integrative solutions to global problems than their parents.
  17. The percentage of population that will own homes will decline due to today’s connected culture.
  18. The automobile as we know it will be largely obsolete in 30 years as megacities of the future will have more personal modes of transport.
  19. Around 2040, 70% of humanity will live in cities causing birthrates to decline as women have fewer children in urban areas.
  20. The greatest age of human migration in history is upon us.
  21. Millennials will initiate magnitudes of change in all areas of life…their thinking, behavior, morals, and worldview will be the ascendant ones of tomorrow.

Question: Which of these trends are you most stoked about? And spooked about?