shutterstock_2914724271. Complete final tasks for 2015.
Review all loose ends to be finalized to fully enjoy celebration of the year end.

2. Call current clients to wish them a Happy New Year.
Calls made with genuine goodwill builds a strong bond and greater loyalty.

3. Send a message of warm wishes for the new year to prospective clients with whom you already met.
Begin building relationships today with the intention of grooming them in the new year.

Success takes planning and dedicated daily commitment

4. Get your database up to date and complete final tasks.
On occasion items are overlooked. In 2016 make it your priority to review the details every day.

5. Check that all software is up to date.
Old software slows a person down. By being on top of latest advancements, you will be time efficient.

6. Review your computer backup system.
Be certain backups are functioning properly. If you ever had a backup disc go bad, you will understand the importance. And if backups are done manually, consider cloud technology. It’s easier on you and far more reliable.

7. Purchase needed hardware.
Sometimes we try to save money in the wrong areas. As hardware becomes old, it’s a necessity to invest in the new. Peers and clientele want to see and believe you are up to date. Being up-to-date demonstrates you are on top of all you do and will enhance your personal brand.

8. Update phone and email greetings.
Review that your messages reflect exactly what you mean to say and what you want others to know. Update on a regular basis.

9. Add new skills and keywords to your profiles.
Your updates will attract additional followers and prospective clientele to your profiles.

10. Add new skills and keywords to your website.
By updating your website, you also prompt additional SEO searches and potential new clientele.

12. Update your signature line.
Have you changed your title, received recognition, or developed a new product or service? All of the above, may be added to your signature line. Doing so will alert more people to your activities and increase further interest.

13. Clean your desk.
Notes, scraps of paper, and unnecessary items seem to collect on the desk. Have the essentials ready for usage, and store or trash the rest.

14. Delete computer files no longer needed.
Just as clutter overtakes the top of our desks, old computer files become cumbersome too. Trash these to more easily find the needed.

15. Unsubscribe from unwanted email.

16. Post all of your contact information on your website.
In particular, include social media links, email and phone number. This is a source of frustration for those visiting a site who cannot find the needed information.

17. Commit to your top year-long goal and associated milestones for 2016

18. Set the first two quarterly goals to reach your twelve-month goal

19. Create 6 monthly goals to attain the two quarterly goals.

20. Commit to daily action plans to achieve all of your goals.

21. Celebrate your achievements for 2015.

Get ready for a great 2016 to make it your best year yet!