Wow, so your company won an industry award. Congratulations! Now what?

You probably don’t win a business award everyday, so make the most of it. Here are the first of 15 ways to get more mileage out of the achievement. (And even if you DO win awards all the time, you can still use these ideas. You’ll just be really busy.)

  1. This first idea is pretty obvious. Get the logo from the sponsor and use it in email signatures, presentations, signage at shows, ads, direct mail, anything visual. If you really want to go out of the box, and you are “that kind of company,” have t-shirts or coffee mugs made up for your employees with the logo on it.
  2. Email blast the good news to your customers and channel partners with a note from your company president or CEO. Talk about some of the people in the company who helped contribute to the achievement. Play up the group that gave out the awards. Talk about what it means to customers (ie they clearly made a good decision to work with you, didn’t they?)
  3. Email to employees – Take a little different tone with your employees than with customers, but again, have it come from the Top Dog. Make it fun. Make it a little zany, if you are “that kind of company.” Maybe tie in with the t-shirt or coffee mug surprise. Thank them for their contribution.
  4. Trade show signage – Take that logo along with you to every show. Besides banners and big show signage, make stickers for products and staff badges, and tent cards for the info desk. And speaking of trade shows, make sure the release is in the show press kit for the next six months.
  5. Develop a keyword list from your award submission. The nomination materials are usually fairly extensive, so there should be some good, pre-approved content to use. Make the list available to marketing, public relations, sales, web master, copywriters, and anyone responsible for describing your company to other people. These words won you recognition in your industry. Why wouldn’t you want to keep talking about them in your marketing materials? Search, baby, search.
  6. Write your own press release. The award presenters will most likely do one, but also prepare your own. Sometimes you have to pass these through the award gatekeepers. Even worse, they might have a template that you “have” to use, but try to make your release speak for your company. If you can, get quotes from an industry analyst or better yet, a customer. Don’t use the same ol’ tired copy like “We are so honored to receive this blah blah blah.” Frankly, that’s boring, and it’s a waste of an important release moment. This could be your fifteen minutes of fame. TRY to come up with a different way to talk about winning the award, something that makes the release fresh and interesting. Maybe use a Q/A format with a company executive about the market circumstances that made the award possible. Talk about the corporate strategy and vision that’s reinforced by the win. Tie the award process and recognition into industry trends. Leverage the moment into thought leadership for your company.
  7. Do an executive interview for your web site – This could be an extension of your press release. In fact, you could do a lead-in to the interview in your release and send readers to your website to read the rest of it. Or maybe you post the rest of it as a video. (If you need a video guru, call my friend Noel. Unsolicited endorsement here.)