Just as your target audience are all individuals who need individual approaches, strategies, and motivation, so are the many ways you can create the irresistibility factor in your service.

Create a Price Point that is Irresistible – Both to You and Your target customer!

The price point of your service can make or break attracting the right customer – but plunging your prices isn’t always the big draw you might think. In fact, you might actually need to raise your prices in order to land the customers who will get the most out of your services.

13 Keys to Creating an Irresistible Service OfferThink about it: Would people who normally drive a Corvette Z06 drive a VW bug and expect the speed and handling of the Vette? Of course not. And if Volkswagen provided it, how could they afford to do so for an adequate (ROI) return-on-investment?

Your price point has to balance with the clientele you want to attract. It has to align with their goals, expectations, and budget. And it has to be worthwhile for you, otherwise, you’ll start to resent them.

Make sure you pay yourself well – so you’ll have less stress and more energy and joy to give your clients. And don’t reduce your rates: Offer installment-based payment plans instead, if you must.

Remember, give extra value – not half-price discounts.

Learn From your Mentors

Be observant. Think about your mentors. What did they do that you absolutely loved? What did they do that you weren’t so keen about?

Make an actual, two-column list with the two questions as your headings: Then decide which technique, action, marketing method in the “Absolutely Loved” column would work well with your service offering. (Make sure you’re absolutely clear on why these things would work for your customer.)

Analyze your current service model – and make sure it contains no habits from the “Weren’t So Keen About” column!

Be Prepared to Learn Something New Every Day

Take courses. Go to workshops. Train with your own mentors. And read, read, read.

Top business leaders are never complacent. While being well aware of their own assets and skills, they never assume they have nothing left to learn. They are able to put ego aside while looking for new methods, new opportunities, new tips and new ways of doing things.

They are innovative, open-minded – and they keep on top of their industry and niche.

Hire the Right People

13 Keys to Creating an Irresistible Service OfferWould a neurosurgeon wash his own scrubs? Would an astronaut source the best and most cost-effective rocket fuel?

No. He leaves these sort of tasks to experts in those fields, leaving himself one hundred percent free to focus on what he does best.

If you try to do everything, you’ll burn out – and when it comes to tasks you’re not expert in (like manning a customer service portal or perhaps creating your own sales page) it makes good economic sense to outsource to a professional who is an expert in those tasks – and who loves doing them as much as you love what you do.

Reward Your Contractors

If they provide vital support for your business, reward them. Let them know they are appreciated. Pay them well – so they can outsource unnecessary parts of their own business – and spend more time (stress-free) on yours.

There’s a horrible trend in the upper halls of internet marketing, and it spills out even to small business providers: And that’s under-paying people who deserve to make a living as much as anyone else.

Value is always good – but not at someone else’s expense. Underpaid contractors are stressed contractors. They work long hours to compensate, burn out fast, and lose heart for your business.

Recognize that Owning a Service Business is a Lifetime Commitment – and Journey

13 Keys to Creating an Irresistible Service OfferYou are on a journey: To be the best entrepreneur you can be and achieve your goals – your definition of success.

Your customers are on a journey too, and you’re there to help them. Sometimes that means you’re the wise guide, but other times it involves picking up a pair of oars and helping them get through the rapids.

You need to be committed to your customer – and that commitment will show. Their success is your success. Their dreams might as well be yours, you understand them so completely.

To be a successful service provider, listen well, always be learning – and be sure to enjoy the ride.

Try New Things

Trying new things means taking risks: And taking risks will help keep you alert, focused and analytical.

Trying new things helps you hone your service. It keeps your business fresh and innovative. You won’t get stuck in ruts, or grow complacent – and you won’t stop listening (really listening) to your customers because you’re operating on autopilot.

The best entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of taking informed, calculated risks.

And sometimes, doing so results in huge, unexpected pay-offs in areas such as improved systems, better communication, a fresh audience – and amazing results.

Love What You Do

There’s nothing more infectious than enthusiasm. If you’re having the time of your life, helping your target audience improve or succeed, they are much more likely to love working with you.

If you don’t love what you do, figure out why not: Then fix it – in whatever way feels most honest and positive for you.

Follow the Masters

13 Keys to Creating an Irresistible Service OfferStay on top of what the most successful businesses in your industry are doing. Follow their blogs and connect on social media, see what gets them success – and see, of course, if you can identify any gaps they are leaving that you could fill.

Nothing breeds success better than being immersed in success – and this will spill over to your customers.

Make Regular Time for Learning New Skills

It’s one thing to be committed to learning new facts, and methods – and it’s quite another to regularly and habitually make time for this. Many entrepreneurs are highly open to learning, even committed to it: But they do it “on the fly”, as time – and business demands – allow.

This can be exciting, but it brings an element of reactivity into your business at odds with most business professional’s missions.

Develop Good Habits

Entrepreneurs have to be highly disciplined people who are always one hundred percent reliable. Consciously developing good habits is one way to become the sort of entrepreneur who walks the walk.

When you adopt and develop good habits, your customers feel reassured. Trust is built, enthusiasm is kindled and results abound – for both of you.

Apply and create good habits in every area of your personal and professional life.

  • Be a good listener
  • Get into the habit of challenging yourself
  • Keep good records and logs – and update them regularly
  • Be proactive
  • Put your customers first

Enable Your Customer to Succeed

You’re not the captain of the ship: You’re the first mate, making sure everything runs smoothly, facilitating the captain – your customer – to run his own ship.

Realizing this is the first step towards developing an irresistible service. Show your customer how to analyze, assess, strategize, focus – and steer straight to the shore.

Keep Yourself Balanced, Healthy and Fit

If your own health is less than optimal, your faculties won’t be as sharp and you won’t have as much physical and emotional energy. Take care of your own needs and create balance in your own life.

Do yoga, meditate, go for walks or take up running. Don’t indulge in excess, eat healthy, listen to music. Take breaks, and learn to play as joyously as you work. All these contribute to keeping you stress-free, balanced, centered – and focused.

This will give you all the energy and clarity you’ll ever need, freeing you to create a truly irresistible service.