If you’re launching new product or service, the right activities can make a big difference to how successfully your launch goes. Below is a list of some of the ways you can rev up your efforts for great results. (Note: within these tips are many links that can give you more information about specific suggestions)

1.Write an effective press release and syndicate it.

A good press release can generate great buzz. Send it out in advance to numerous outlets (services like PR Web can offer wide distribution services for a fee) for increased chances of exposure.

2. Write interesting articles.

Post your articles on your company blog as well as in other places. There are many online sites that accept guest articles and guest blog posts. Your informative (and not too sales-y) article can help create buzz and could draw people back to your website where they can learn more about your new offering. And while you’re doing this, you’ll be building up your online profile as an expert in your field.

3. Promote your launch via social media.

Mention your upcoming product launch on your Twitter account, your Facebook page, and on other online profiles. You can use social media to support promotion of many of the other activities on this list, too.

4. Do a giveaway.

Giving away a free copy or trial of your new product or service can generate buzz. You can promote the giveaway and generate buzz via a social media contest, too.

5. Promote your new offering to your mailing list.

You can do this by emailing your marketing subscriber list and by sending printed marketing collateral mailers out as well. Be sure to direct people to your website and to social media profiles (so they can also help you promote the launch).

6. Host a pre-launch event.

Hosting a product launch event where you can demonstrate the product can be a great way to generate interest. Depending on your product or service you can offer a webinar online or host a physical on-site event to promote your new offering.

7. Ask for product reviews.

You can do a beta test and /or find influential people in the blogosphere that might do a product review online and help you generate some buzz. This could be a great way to get some attention. Ask if you can use their testimonials on your sales page and other marketing material. (Tip: Be sure you’ve ironed out all the kinks otherwise this sort of marketing method could backfire!)

8. Recruit online affiliates.

Affiliates can promote your product or service in exchange for a commission on sales they generate. An affiliate program in conjunction with product reviews can be a recipe for a successful product launch. You’ll get results in terms of traffic and buzz and will only payout for actual sales.

9. Make promotional videos.

Post your promotional videos on YouTube, your website, and blog. Promote your videos through social media, too.

10. Write a great sales page.

Illustrate the benefits of your product or service and show value. You can use videos, tutorials, testimonials, and more to demonstrate the features of your product or service.

11. Run a Google Adwords campaign.

Drive traffic to your call-to-action sales page and other online promotional efforts. This can be a great way to increase your overall targeted traffic to your website.

12. Present an offer they can’t refuse.

Make an irresistible offer with a deadline on it (free shipping, buy one get one free, a discount or bonus freebie, etc..). If you also show value, the offer will generate additional interest and the deadline will help generate action.

There are a lot of ways you can leverage the power of the internet to help you supercharge your product launch. After the launch is over with, look at measuring all of your efforts to help you see which ones brought about the best results. This analysis can help you be even more successful the next time you launch a new product or service.