For some people, working from home can be a big change and a new concept to adapt to. For those who work from home occasionally, or even frequently, it can still be a new experience if your entire team is working remotely too. When it comes to working from home, some people thrive and others find it to be a bit of a struggle. Lack of communication and being lonely happen to be two fears of remote workers.

Don’t let the fears get to you though. There are numerous benefits that come with working from home. For starters, according to Fundera, two-thirds of managers report that employees who work from home increase their overall productivity and employers who offered a work from home option had employee turnover rates fall by over 50 percent. Furthermore, full-time telecommuters save more than $4,000 each year and 82 percent report lower stress levels.

If you’re a remote worker, here are 12 tips to make working from home a bit easier:

1. Follow your normal routine

The great thing about working from home is that you can stick to your normal routine, just without the extra commute time. Once you’re up and about, have a good breakfast and fuel yourself ready for the day ahead.

2. Get dressed

Even though you’re not seeing your colleagues in-person, you will be seeing them through video chat. It can be tempting to work in your pajamas, but it’s important to make yourself presentable and pick out an outfit that you feel represents your style.

3. Create a dedicated workspace

Find the right spot in your house to work, away from distractions like the television. While it might be tempting to sit on the sofa and work, this isn’t good for your work-life separation. Set aside some space, preferably a room (it doesn’t have to be big) to be your workspace. That way, when you enter it, you know consciously you are at work.

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4. Set the ground rules with others

If anyone else is going to be at home when you’re working, you need to be clear that when you’re in your ‘office’ (or your workspace area), you’re working – even if it looks like and feels like you’re hanging out at home.

5. Remember to eat and drink

This may sound obvious but often when you are working from home people forget to stop for drinks and/or lunch. Get a water jug and keep it in your dedicated working area to keep you hydrated. Make a point of moving away from your laptop for lunch and sit and enjoy your break.

6. Silence isn’t always golden

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the office, consider having the radio or some music on in the background. This will make you feel less alone and recreate some of the white noise you are used to.

7. Check in with colleagues

Working alone can make some people feel lonely. We have more technology than ever before to keep us in touch with others so use team chats, web conferencing tools, phone calls, and emails to stay connected with your team.

8. Spread words of appreciation

When you’re going above and beyond, it can be hard to get noticed when you’re working from home. In fact, 82 percent of employees wish they received more recognition for their work. Take the time to make someone’s day and recognize them for their hard work. Recognition is infectious and by sending someone words of appreciation, it can encourage others to do the same.

9. Share your feedback

As a remote worker, you need to remind yourself that you’re not alone. If you have something on your mind or have a concern, share your feedback with your manager. Tell your manager exactly what you need to succeed as a remote worker. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts directly with your manager, share your feedback anonymously in a pulse survey or workplace chatbot.

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10. Give yourself breaks

Create breaks for yourself during your workday. Try different types of breaks to change it up. For example, you can go for a walk outside, grab a coffee, or have a virtual hangout with a colleague. Give your mind time to digest what it’s just done, then come back to work afterwards. It’s important use these breaks to focus on your well-being and mental health at work.

11. Set a finish time

When you’re working from home it’s easy to lose the set structure of the day. Set defined times when you’re going to work, and then when it passes, stop. You can have a bit of leeway here, but make sure that you don’t end up blurring the work-life balance.

12. Tidy away

When you’ve finished work, pack everything away. You are leaving work for the day so leave no trace of your laptop or paperwork that will tempt you to return. When it comes to working from home, you want to set clear boundaries between your work life and personal life.

Succeed when working from home

Working from home can be a smoother process with our top 12 tips. Take these tips with you and see if your life as a remote worker improves. Every day is a learning process and it’s important that you find the right day-to-day routine that works for you.

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