11 ways to wake up in a great mood and start a productive day

11 ways to wake up in a great mood and start a productive day

Having a productive day isn’t rocket science. There are some age-old, tried and true, battle tested methods to increasing your daily output. Don’t worry these 11 ways to wake up in a great mood and start a productive day aren’t hard.

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#1 Go to bed in a great mood.

Yep, before you can wake up in a great mood you gotta go to bed in a great mood. That means don’t stress yourself out before bed. The last 2 hours before you go to sleep dictate what your brain thinks about while it’s sleeping. Take some time and give yourself a buffer before you sleep. You don’t want to be stressing over a last minute email.

#2 Wake up in a great mood.

Yea I know these are tips to wake up in a great mood… Seriously though, the first thoughts you have in the beginning of the day determine what sort of day you have.

Start every morning thinking about something that makes you happy.

This might be how cozy and comfy your bed is, or how the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Maybe it’s that you are up at 4:45 before anyone else ready to take on the day.

#3 Play upbeat music in the morning.

Music is a powerful mind-altering tool. Why not use it to your advantage and crank some really happy music right as you wake up!? Get up and start dancing, because who the heck cares. It isn’t like anyone is watching you!

If you have some roommates who are sleeping, grab a pair of earbuds jack in and dance your tail off. We prefer to listen to corny 80’s music because it is just so happy! Looking at you, George Michael.

Here’s our Youtube playlist for peppy morning songs.

#4 Make a gratitude list.

We can’t stress this enough, make a gratitude list. This builds the habit of having an attitude of gratitude. What your brain thinks about it attracts into your life.

That means if you think about all the things you are grateful for, you will attract more wonderful things in your life. This isn’t just “The secret;” it is science. The more you think a certain thought, the stronger those neuron patterns become.

#5 Drink a big glass of water.

Drinking a big glass of water right as you wake up is a great habit to build.

Water kicks up your metabolism, hydrates you, and helps flush out toxins. It is almost like we are made of this stuff and our bodies want it! Who would have figured it is good for you! Look, who doesn’t want to shed a couple extra pounds without doing much. Drinking a glass of water in the morning when you wake up can do just that.

#6 Prep for success.

For me, this means having a mug or two of Bulletproof coffee. Maybe this means a bit of breakfast for you. Whatever you need to do to get going in the day you gotta do it. Fill yourself up and take the time needed to put yourself in a great day. There is no way to be productive if you are running with no food, coffee, or whatever else you need.

#7 Set goals for the day.

Successful people understand the power of setting goals. Setting daily goals of what you are going to accomplish and exactly how you are going to achieve them is crazy awesome for productivity.

We recommend not setting more than 3 major goals for the day. It is just enough to get through in a day and feel productive and not so much you feel overwhelmed.

#8 Get moving and exercise.

Get your butt moving. Seriously remember how we said “dance!?” Dancing is a good way to kill two birds with one stone. But if you are like me, and your dancing skills are that of Elaine from the show, Seinfeld—get up and go for a walk.

Exercise not only kicks up your metabolism, but it gives you a ton of energy to boot! You will see a drastic increase in your mood, energy levels, and overall focus just from getting your lard ass off the couch and moving in the morning.

#9 Serve your audience or others and give value.

This one is my personal favorite. If you start every day thinking “How can I serve my audience, or someone else today?” you put your mind in a crazy powerful place.

You start imagining all the ways you can bring value to the people around you.

It becomes second nature to think about your audience and bring them real value. This usually will mean the need to whip out your phone and rock a Periscope or do a fun Snapchat story. It doesn’t matter the mechanism, just as long as you are in the service to others.

#10 Set your intention for the day.

This is your big overarching goal. Maybe you want to create new habits starting today. Maybe you want to focus more on sales or being more positive.

It doesn’t matter what the intention is, set a big goal and stick to it.

When you are going through your day make sure to keep checking in and hold to your intention for the day. Say your intention is, “to be more positive,” and life throws you a big fat rotten lemon. How you show up dictates if you hold to your intention, do you become negative or rock that positivity no matter what?

#11 Read a book and find more ways to learn.

This doesn’t have to be in the morning, I actually recommend this activity to wind down before bed. Chunk out some time in your day to read a new book, listen to a podcast, or study an online course.

Every day we should be investing in our own education and improving yourself. This also helps us gear down in the morning to go to bed without stress. Just like that you are prepared for the next day.

Any other ways to wake up in a great mood and start a productive day? Leave your best tips in the comment section below.