Continually working to find new clients is important for any business owner and complacency is a business killer.

If you grow too comfortable with the clients you have and one or two suddenly drops volume or stops buying altogether, you’ll be left in scramble mode.

It is important to always be prospecting for new clients. Read on for some ways to find new clients.

  • Social media. Post regularly on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social marketing sites. Post useful information for your target audience and you could attract the attention of people interested in buying what you are selling.
  • Press releases. Is something interesting happening in your business? Are you launching a new or improved offering? Consider syndicating it online and it could generate interest from potential clients, press, and increase your small business’ visibility.
  • Business blogging. If your business continually posts new information on your website, such as through a blog, you regularly drive new traffic to your website. Optimizing posts for your target audience, such as sharing industry news and relevant information will keep your clients’ interest. You can also offer to guest post on another blog relevant to your industry in an effort to bring their audience to your site. (Include a link to your site in the byline). Blogging creates a great way to generate buzz and establish your company as a leading authority in your industry.
  • Local networking events. Does your city or town have a chamber of commerce or business networking group? If so, joining could open doors of opportunity for you on an ongoing basis through events and resources. You might even find a good opportunity to sponsor a local event as a way to generate buzz and visibility about your brand.
  • Trade shows and conventions. Are there upcoming trade shows or conferences for your industry that you can take part in? Trade shows and conventions have the potential to help generate new business and new networking opportunities.
  • Cold calling. Depending on the nature of your business, cold calling could be a wise decision that generates new leads. Be prepared with a script and a plan of action for tackling the sales call.
  • Direct mail. Some people don’t read their junk mail but some still do. Depending on your industry, a targeted, measurable mailing campaign can lead to new clients.
  • Have a referral contest for existing customers. Offering an incentive to existing customers could help bring you new business. There are many ways to leverage the power of word of mouth referrals. Get creative and you could see great results.
  • Follow up with old clients. Are there clients you haven’t done business with in some time? Dig through your CRM and start smiling and dialing. You might be able to resurrect old relationships. Just like with cold calling, though, have a script and plan of action ready.
  • Have a contest in-house. If you have a staff, run an internal incentive program to get them to bring in new business.
  • Re-launch your website. Has traffic to your site been stagnant for a while? Consider investing in a new website. Promote your site with a public relations campaign, social media strategy, and perhaps even a paid online advertising campaign, too.

Some of the above ideas for getting new clients may not work for your business model but even if you take a few of these ideas and implement them, you could see results that help you diversify your prospecting efforts.

What methods do you use to find new clients? Share them with us in the comment section below.