35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute and 2 billion videos are viewed each month on Facebook. Brands are taking advantage of this new advertising and promotion format…so why aren’t you?

Promo videos allow your company messaging to reach trade show attendees who are on-site, and your potential customers who were unable to travel to the show. Linking to promo videos before, during, and after a trade show on your social media pages and on a custom landing page on your website allows you to:

  1. generate interest in and drive traffic to your booth
  2. announce promotions/contests that are occurring on the trade show floor, explain how to particpate, and announce the winners
  3. showcase product demonstrations
  4. capture impromptu customer testimonials
  5. provide industry education or statements on key trends by influential industry experts
  6. put a name and a face on your company, your product/service, your personnel to establish trust
  7. make connections with potential customers and continue building relationships with existing customers
  8. document your trade show experience
  9. continue marketing your company/product/service well after the trade show has closed
  10. increase your search engine ranking and provide multiple opportunities for backlinks

Promo videos integrated with your social media strategy continue the momentum started at the trade show, build upon the excitement generated at the show, and maximize your reach to your audience. But don’t forget…you need content, it must portray a positive impression of your company, it needs to support your company messaging, and it can not have an expiration date!