In order to better shepherd ideas into the world in 2011, I resolve to do the following:

  1. Meditate More. Actually, do more of everything I learned through the Ideasicle Blog & Podcast research. Meditating, taking Omega-3’s, etc.
  2. Exercise At All. This is standard fare for most New Year’s resolutions, but I honestly think if I exercised I’d think fatter and be skinnier. Right now I don’t run unless being chased.
  3. Finish “Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson. I bought this book months ago, read half in a flurry and then we got ridiculously busy at Ideasicle. Jesus, I gotta finish that. It’s great (so far).
  4. Record One Podcast Per Month. I started out strong and ended up with 8 in six months, which ain’t bad, but my frequency of Podcast recordings has been inconsistent. I love doing them and learn so much about creativity and ideas with every interview. I think one a month is reasonable and doable.
  5. Write 3-4 Blog Posts Per Month. I’ve been pretty good about this, but want to keep it up in 2011.
  6. Have A Secret Ideasicle Experts Party. You probably know that the identities of the Ideasicle Experts is a closely guarded secret. I know them all very well, but they don’t know each other as well. So I want to throw a party for them this year so they can meet each other over martinis, the official drink of Ideasicle. That’s Plymouth Gin, shaken, dry as a Steven Wright punch line, with an olive.
  7. Read More. Very related to #3. Ideas come out of me way more easily than they go into me. Maybe that’s true for you, too. But if you believe ideas result in the collisions of thinking, then you gotta believe you need to read more. I do. Books, blogs, everything. So I resolve to read more.
  8. Have More Faith In The Universe. Starting a business isn’t easy and it can be very stressful. But one thing I’ve learned even in these short six months is that the universe works in mysterious ways. In fact, I believe having faith in the fact the universe will conspire to help you accelerates its ways. Somehow. So faith in the universe. Check.
  9. Change The World. I love my Experts. I love solving marketing problems for clients. I love growing as a company and all that. But I want one of our ideas this year to change the world in a significant way (for the better).
  10. Be Here In 2012. I am excited to work my ass off in 2011 so that Ideasicle will not only be here in 2012 but will be a thriving force of ideation nature. We have very important work to do.

Hell, we all have important work to do. So here’s to a 2011 filled with inspiration, positive energy, love and, most of all, breathtakingly genius ideas.