Lead Generation with some captivating ads and punch lines is easy. But that’s only halfway through. The leads that you have collected are still cold. Just the thing is they have shown interest in your service. To convert them into your customers and maintain their retain rate, you need to provide them value. However, providing value depends on various factors. And the most important one is the leads’ need for value.

Not all your leads are on the same page. Hence, understanding their exact requirement and sorting them out help your leads stay longer with you. Categorizing your leads according to their interest will let you serve them in a customized manner. Here’s where your leads start to engage with you.

There are funnels and levels through which the lead becomes your sale. And the regular customer thereon. Here are the growth hacks of your sales funnel to make your leads your forever connection.

Understanding Your Sales Funnel

The Funnel needs to be optimized well considering your business and the demographic range that you are considering to target. Your Sales Funnel should generate the leads at the topmost layer. Every funnel targets the same. The variation goes in the method to attract the leads.

Understanding your demographics better

For B2B Lead Generation, the sales funnel should be working on showing its campaign on the professional platform. Whilst for B2C, the campaign getting leads should be on millennials’ social media platform. Understanding your funnel has a lot to do with understanding your audience’s psychology. A range of demographics that you are targeting has different levels of problems. And your funnel has to do more than mere lead generation.

Taking Research Reports of Market before building the Funnel

There are lead generation service providers out there who do the research for your business. With the Market analysis, you know what the people are up to. And what is the exact problem that your audience is facing?

Lead Generation Vendors have this data and tools with them, so they get it done right for you. It depends on which agency or vendor are you opting for. More than their number of experiences, their expertise in the funnel building and marketing approach matters a lot.

Sales Funnel Statistics that shows how successful businesses are successful

Sales Funnel Statistics

Credit: Salesforce

More than 30% of people are copying the other business’ Funnel

A successful business has become so because it marketed itself so well that people didn’t realize that they are selling. The originality of the promotion method matters as much as the uniqueness of your service.

More than 70% of business target customers over maintaining relationships

Sales Funnel decides the success of your business. The funnel is very different from simply advertising. Funnel is meant to maintain a long-term relationship with your leads. Funnel first attracts leads and then engages with them instead of promoting the business directly.

96% of the leads that visit you for the first time are not ready to buy anything

When the visitors see some lead magnet, if they find it of their interest they simply opt-in. Opted-ins are the ones who are not ready to buy anything but at the same time, they are interested in your service. The funnel should be designed such that it doesn’t make the leads bounce back.

Here are the proven and working Growth Hacks that will convert your more than 50% of leads successfully:

10 Proven and Working Hacks to Nurture Leads into Customer

1. A/B testing for measuring the extent of work:

A/B testing

Credit: EngineThemes

Having a plan might sound obvious but many of the people just jump to work without having a proper plan and an end goal. And many times, the reason behind not working out remains unknown. This is one of the main reasons why many marketing efforts fail.

By having a proper scheduled plan, you will have proper means of control to exactly measure how many of your visitors are opting out at which stage. And with the test, you will be clearer. So, you can take effective measures to correct yourself.

2. Focus on the interests of people:

People won’t buy your product or use your service if it doesn’t add value to their lives. But even though you actually give value but fail to provide the value that suits them, it is of no use. Hence, communicate with people to know their interests.

Tell your leads how your business is personalized for them and exactly how it is going to add value to their lives. Even though you have multiple products and services, just focus on the single thing that your customer wants. If they buy it, you can always upsell them.

3. Personalize:

You really make people feel special by personalization. It might be just some basic information like gender, country or desire. Personalized campaigns are a lot effective in the generation of leads and also turning them into customers.

Personalization also helps in understanding what exactly your customer wants so that you can provide service specific to that customer.

4. Include exclusive offers:

You also make people feel special by including exclusive offers, which is something not accessible to everyone by default. You simply have to limit things like tools or some segments for your website which are accessible by the special members itself.

By including exclusive offers, you might also generate the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in people. This gives that sense of urgency to buy your product within a limited amount of time.

5. Put a FAQ page:

Many of your leads who have a high chance of turning into customers might leave because they have many questions left unanswered. Sure, you have many ways of catching them up and answering their queries.

However, none of them is as simple and straightforward as keeping an FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page on your website. FAQs contain all the essential things people need to know and other doubts that they might get. And saves time for both of you.

6. Highlight your credibility:

You might showcase the companies who use your service, the awards you won and also the reviews you get from different sites. Highlighting your credibility helps you to turn your leads into customers as they will be convinced that using your service will be safe and helpful.

7. Use testimonials in a proper way:

Testimonials can include an extra bit of credibility if used correctly. Include the testimonials that properly explain the process and why yours is great and unique. Get the genuine testimonials, of course.

8. Be Fast:

The speed with which your site operates also decides the rate at which your lead might turn into a customer. With each passing second of the page response, you are losing 7% of the conversion rate. So, make sure your website loads fast and works smoothly.

9. Follow up:

In any case, your lead didn’t turn into a customer, you have chances to get them back by following them up. Don’t just leave them, and pamper your ego here.

Try to follow-up with them and know what happened and how you can help them still. Maybe with some clarification or extra information given, they might turn into customers.

10. Be in touch:

By always being in touch via different platforms like email, social media, and having constant communication, you are actually ready to meet the needs of the users at any hour.

This not only helps you turn leads into customers but in the case, you have several offers, you always have a list to upsell or down-sell.

The Final Word

Funnel is building trust and brand at the same time. Sales funnel is about building a list with Email Marketing and maintaining the list with the Content Syndication. The funnel building task is undertaken and implemented by many B2B lead generation providers and lead generation vendors in the market. Go for the one that manages to impress you well!