If you don’t know who Seth Godin is then you should be slapped in the face. He is the author of over 10 books that have been translated in more than 20 languages. Some of his best-selling books include Purple Cow, Permission Marketing, Meatball Sundae, and Tribes.

He’s an expert on internet and information marketing teaching people all across the world how to find products for their consumers rather than finding consumers for their products. Seth is hands-down one of my favorite authors and it’s an honor to call him a friend.

He’s innovative, passionate, and genuine. In this short question and answer session, I ask Seth about the future of internet marketing, the top 3 mistakes he see’s people make with their marketing, and what are the keys to his success. Enjoy!

1. JOHN: If someone were just starting a website or starting over with their site, what would you recommend they spend their time on as far as attracting visitors and engaging with customers online?

SETH: Stop focusing on the masses and focus on those who want and need your message. Create fans out of those people and the masses will hear about it.

2. JOHN: With so many social media channels to chose from, how does a business decide which ones to focus on?

SETH: I don’t think the which matters as much as the focus. Dominating the conversation in your niche on one channel is better than just touching a bunch of them.

3. JOHN: I once heard you say that companies should focus their time and energy on innovation. Why is this so hard for people to comprehend and do?

SETH: It’s difficult to commit to something as unpredictable as an innovation. It’s much easier to just pretend you’re doing your job, even if ‘your job’ involves cycling as your company spirals to irrelevancy.

4. JOHN: What are the top 3 biggest mistakes you see people make when it comes to marketing?

A. Thinking that other people care about them
B. Demanding that people pay attention
C. Thinking they can say one thing and do another

5. JOHN: It seems to me that the market decides what is remarkable (a purple cow) and not the company. So how does a company know what is worth the risk when it comes to standing out and being remarkable?

SETH: They don’t! That’s one of several reasons it’s difficult. The art is having enough empathy that what you think the market will like is in fact what the market will like.

6. JOHN: After someone has stepped up and started to lead thier tribe, what is the biggest challenge they face in maintaining and taking care of that tribe?

SETH: Committing to making the connections. Being willing to speak up with it’s inconvenient, and to be quiet when they’re itching to take control.

7. JOHN: Can you name a company or two who’ve done a great job of getting their ideas to spread online, and why?

SETH: Ron Paul and the guys at 37 signals.

In both cases, the manifesto, the thing they stand for, is portable. It’s vibrant and spreadable and to those that embrace it, important.

No manifesto, no spread.

8. JOHN: You’ve inspired so many marketers and entrepreneurs, who and what inspires you?

SETH: I’m inspired by marketers who want to change the world for the better, who do difficult work in the shadows and who leave behind not much more than a silver bullet.

9. JOHN: What top 3 things do you attribute to your success?

A. Making more mistakes than your competition
B. Persisting when others lose patience
C. Being relentlessly restless

10. JOHN: Where will online marketing be several years from now?

SETH: Where it is now, but more.