5G is set to become a major global marketplace in the coming years.

With that said, when you consider that the technological rollout process is still in its infancy, now could be a time to add some 5G stocks to your portfolio.

In this beginner’s guide, we show you how to buy 5G stocks in less than five minutes.

How to Buy 5G Stocks – 5 Easy Steps

You can buy 5G stocks from a regulated broker with a debit/credit card or e-wallet.

An SEC and FINRA-regulated broker offers a convenient platform and best of all.

Follow the guide below to learn how to buy 5G stocks right now.

  • ✅Step 1 – Open an Account With Regulated Broker:  The first step is to open an account with a regulated broker. You simply need to click on the ‘Join Now’ button and fill out the registration form by typing in your personal information and contact details.
  • Step 2 – Upload ID: You will also need to provide a form of government-issued ID. Most people opt for a passport, but a driver’s license and state ID card is also accepted.
  • Step 3 – Deposit Funds: You can deposit funds instantly with a debit/credit card or an e-wallet. Bank wires and ACH are supported too.
  • Step 4 – Search for 5G Stocks: If you know which 5G stock you want to buy, type the name of the company into the search bar. Click on ‘Trade’ when you see the 5G firm that you wish to invest in.
  • Step 5 – Buy 5G Stocks: The final step is to let the broker know how much you want to invest.

For a more comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to buy 5G stocks – read on.

Best Brokers to Buy 5G Stocks

Before you can invest in your chosen 5G company, you will need to make a decision on where to buy stocks.

You’ll want to choose a trading site that offers your chosen 5G stocks at low fees. You’ll also want to ensure that your preferred deposit method is accepted and that the broker is adequately regulated.

If you’re still not sure where to buy 5G stocks – perhaps consider this pre-vetted platform discussed below.

Webull – Buy US-Listed 5G Stocks From Just $5 

webull logo

Another broker that you might consider when learning how to buy 5G stocks is Webull. This platform offers a simple trading suite that allows you to buy and sell 5G from just $5 per trade. This means that irrespective of how much the 5G stock is trading at, you only need to risk a small amount of capital.

Moreover, Webull does not charge any trading commissions – even on fractional stock purchases. With that said, Webull primarily focuses on the domestic markets. As such, if you’re looking for the most popular 5G stocks from overseas, you likely won’t find them here.

Nonetheless, the Webull stock library consists of over 5,000 equities from the NASDAQ and NYSE. Additionally, you will also find US-listed ETFs and stock options. If you are also planning on buying cryptocurrency, Webull offers a relatively wide selection of markets. Crypto asset investments on the Webull platform require a minimum trade of just $1.

webull platform screenshot

When it comes to getting started with Webull, you can open an account online or via the iOS/Android app. Either way, there is no minimum deposit requirement to meet. You can opt for a standard brokerage plan or a retirement account – which covers a variety of IRAs.

In terms of core features, Webull does not offer any passive investment tools. Instead, you will need to pick and choose your desired 5G stocks on a DIY basis. There are, however, plenty of research and analysis tools available on Webull. This includes real-time pricing data and technical indicators.   

Minimum Deposit $0
Fractional Shares? Yes – $5 minimum
Pricing System 0% commission on all 5G stocks, ETFs, and options
Cost of Buying 5G Stocks Spread only

Your capital is at risk.

How to Buy 5G Stocks

If you already know which 5G stocks you want to buy, you will likely find them on a regulated broker’s platform. Then it’s just a case of opening an account and making a deposit, before placing a stock buy order.

If you are learning how to buy 5G for the first time, the step-by-step below will show you how to complete the process in less than five minutes.

Step 1: Open an Account 

You will need to have a verified trading account with a regulated broker before you can buy 5G stocks. The first step is to click the ‘Join Now’ button and fill in the registration form.

This is a standard procedure that simply requires you to provide some personal information and contact details.

You also need to choose a username and password for your login credentials. Additionally, a regulated broker requires you to verify your cell phone number and email address.

Step 2: Upload ID

The second part of the registration process requires you to upload a government-issued ID. This can be a passport, driver’s license, or a state ID card.

A regulated broker is also required to verify your home address. Simply upload a recently-issued document with your address on it – such as a utility bill or a bank statement.

You won’t need to wait around for your documents to be manually verified, as a regulated broker utilizes automated KYC technology.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Next, you will need to deposit some trading capital into your account so that you can buy 5G stocks.

Choose your preferred payment type from the list of options that are represented to you and enter your deposit amount. Take note, if you’re from the US you won’t be charged any deposit fees.

Step 4: Search for 5G Stocks

A regulated broker offers a simple search box that allows you to type in the name of the 5G company that you wish to invest in. In our example, we are searching for Advanced Micro Devices.

Click on the ‘Trade’ button when you see the 5G stock that you want to buy.

Step 5: Buy 5G Stocks 

You will now need to fill out a stock order form to that you can invest in your chosen 5G company.

In the ‘Amount’ box, you can type in the total size of your investment in US dollars.

Click on the ‘Open Trade’ button to complete your 5G stock order. If the markets are closed, click on ‘Set Order’ instead.

How to Sell 5G Stocks?

If you’re investing in an emerging technology like 5G, then you’ll likely want to hold onto your chosen stocks in the long run.

After all, this sector is still in its infancy and thus – it will perhaps take another few years for the 5G rollout process to conclude on a global basis.

Nonetheless, it’s worth having an overview of how to cash-out process works when you eventually decide to sell your 5G stocks. Put simply, it’s just a case of logging into the brokerage account where your 5G stocks are currently being held.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy 5G Stocks?

The final thing to explore when learning how to invest in 5G stocks is the costs involved when completing your purchase.

The main charges to understand are as follows:

Deposit and Withdrawal Charges

You might need to pay a deposit fee when you buy 5G stocks from an online broker. This might not only depend on the platform that you sign up with but also the specific deposit method that you use.


Webull – which we reviewed earlier, allows you to buy 5G stocks on a commission-free basis.

If you use another broker for this purpose, you will need to factor in a foreign exchange fee, which will vary depending on the provider and market in question.


You should also explore how competitive the platform is when it comes to spreads – which is the gap between the buy and sell price of the 5G stock you wish to buy.


This beginner’s guide has cleared the mist on how to buy 5G stocks from an online broker.

The investment process is largely the same across most brokers, insofar as you will need to open an account, make a deposit, and search for your chosen 5G stock before placing an order.

Frequently Asked Questions on Buying 5G Stocks 

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