Looking to sign up with a stock app UK? Investors  can use a stock app on their smartphone to trade stocks and other assets on the move. But which apps are the best? It all depends on what sort of trading the investor has in mind.

Below we review a wide selection of ten popular stock apps UK. All are accessible from the UK. Some focus on plain share trading, whilst others offer the powerful advantages of CFD (Contract-For-Difference) trading. Further, we outline what key metrics to look out for in a UK stock app, as well as show you how to get signed up and into action.

Popular Stock Apps for Beginners in 2023

Investors can use stock apps UK to buy shares from around the world – as well as to buy shares UK. Popular stock apps include:

  • eToro: Overall Best Stock Apps Beginner-friendly broker with social trading and zero commission
  • XTB: CFD stock broker with ‘Best Customer Service’ award
  • AvaTrade – Stock Trading App offering low spreads and leverage trading
  • Skilling – Popular CFD mobile app offering 50X leverage
  • Vantage: CFD stock trading with multiple social trading options
  • Libertex: Award-winning broker with streamlined share offering
  • Pepperstone: CFD share trading with access to key trader platforms
  • Plus500: UK-based provider of CFD share dealing with zero commission
  • Hargreaves Lansdown: UK-based provider of funds and shares
  • Freetrade: UK-based dedicated share trading app with 1m+ clients
  • IG – Popular trading platform with over 12,000 stocks

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78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and/or CFDs with this provider.

Most Popular Stock Trading Apps in the UK Reviewed

Where to buy the best shares in the UK? Investors can trade online via their desktop or laptop computer – or via a smartphone app. This has made investing much more accessible, with some investors looking for the best ways to invest £20k in the UK via a popular trading app.

Smartphone apps offer the prime advantage of portability. Investors with a stock app UK can keep an eye on exciting stocks as well as their own portfolio wherever they are in the world, as well as take decisive action to wisely invest during inflation.

Investors wanting to go short on a stock, for example, or leverage their trade for amplified gains may be interested in Contracts-For-Difference (CFDs). Many of the stock apps UK available nowadays offer CFDs only.

1. eToro – Overall Best Stock Apps Beginner-friendly broker with social trading and zero commission

etoro logo

eToro’s smartphone app is arguably a good stock trading app for beginners. Certainly Israel-based eToro have built up over 27m registered users through their provision of full-service brokerage and the promotion of social trading.

This share trading app UK offers 3,000+ stocks/ETFs, commodities, indices, forex and crypto. Critically, share trading is commission-free. So, if an investor wanted to buy Amazon stock, for example, only a spread fee will apply (0.3% variable in the case of Amazon). With most brokers, spread fees tend to vary according to liquidity.

best investment apps etoro mobile

eToro’s social trading centres on two tools:

  1. CopyTrader, which allows users to copy the trading activity of more experienced traders automatically using allocated funds.
  2. Smart Portfolios, which offer investment templates structured around particular themes or strategies.

Both social trading tools are available on the eToro app. Also included is the handy Watchlist function, which allows investors to keep an eye on interesting assets without buying them.

In common with the arrangements offered by other brokers, eToro users can sign up via desktop and then activate the smartphone app – or simply sign up using the app alone.

What We Like

  • Regulated by the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC
  • Social Trading: CopyTrader and Smart Portfolios
  • 3,000+ stocks available commission-free
Approx Number of Stocks: 3,000+
Pricing System: Spread fee (plus overnight fees if CFD trading)
Cost of Buying Amazon: Spread fee (variable) of 0.3% on trade
iOS and Android: Both
App Same Functionality as Website: All stocks available

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Your capital is at risk. 78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

2. XTB - CFD Stock Broker with 'Best Customer Service' Award

XTB is a full-service broker serving 400,000 clients with almost 20 years experience. Although not headquartered in the UK, XTB has an office in London – as well as 13 other countries. Clients can invest in stocks available from international exchanges from many countries in the world.

Via both desktop and smartphone app, XTB offers forex, indice, commodities, crypto and CFD stocks. XTB won Best Customer Service from ForexBrokers.com in 2021

Like eToro, XTB provides a free demo account for stocks.

best investment apps xtb mobile

What We Like

  • Regulated by FCA, KNF, CySEC, and FSC
  • European, US and UK shares available via CFDs
  • 4.5/5 rating on Google Play from 28k+ reviews
Approx Number of Stocks: 2,100+ markets including stocks
Pricing System: Spread fee plus CFD overnight fee
Cost of Buying Amazon: 0.4% spread fee (variable) plus overnight fee
iOS and Android: Both
App Same Functionality as Website: Yes

81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

3. AvaTrade - Stock Trading app offering low spreads and leverage trading

AvaTrade logo

Our next top mobile trading stock app is AvaTrade, a popular platform with over 300,000 members.  On AvaTrade, investors can access more than 90 stock CFDs, such as Apple and Microsoft. The trading app, AvaTradeGO offers a sophisticated trading dashboard that includes a series of charting features and management tools. 

AvaTrade’s app offers a market trends feature, allowing traders to see the markets develop in real-time and analyze different social trends. The AvaTradeGO app lets all members view their trades and portfolio instantly. Users can access live markets and prices and create watchlists to track their favorite assets. 

AvaTrade app

A multi-asset trading platform, AvaTrade also supports commodities and FX trading. AvaTrade was even voted as the number one forex trading app in 2020. In total, more than 1,000 financial instruments can be traded on this platform.

Advanced traders can also access MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 with AvaTrade. These popular web-based trading platforms allow users to trade assets by leveraging a series of technical tools and indicators. Moreover, AvaTrade allows users to apply up to 10x leverage on multiple stock options. 

AvaTrade charges spread when trading stocks and can charge overnight fees on particular assets as well. After three months of inactivity on AvaTrade, a fee of $50 is charged. An administration fee of $100 is charged after 12 months of inactivity.

Interested readers can access the AvaTradeGO app on Google Play and the App store. Charging a minimum deposit of $100, AvaTrade lets users make payments via Credit, Debit card options and multiple e-wallet providers. 

What We Like 

  • Award-winning trading app
  • Supports leverage trading
  • Multiple features such as watchlist, market trend analysis
  • Multiple payment options
Approx Number of Stocks: 90+ stock CFDs
Pricing System: Charges spreads
Cost of Buying Amazon: 0.13% spread
iOS and Android: Both
App Same Functionality as Website: Not all add-on platforms

71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

4. Skilling - Popular CFD mobile app offering 50X leverage

Skilling logoThe Skilling Trader mobile app lets investors trade more than 900 financial instruments. A CFD broker, Skilling lets traders access more than 700 stocks CFDs without paying any commission. The trading app gives one direct access to Skilling Trade Assistant, which supports new traders looking to learn the basics of investing.

Through the mobile app, users can also access the copy trading feature, which allows one to copy the trades and strategies of experienced Skilling traders. Beginner investors can access a demo account to practice trading strategies. 

Skilling app

  This CFD broker also lets one invest in FX pairs. Users can also apply up to 50x leverage when trading with Skilling and pay a low spread. Users can benefit from lower spreads on the Premium account but must pay a minimum deposit of $5,000. The standard account offers higher spreads but only requires a minimum deposit of $100. 

For instance, the average spread on the Amazon stock on the Premium account is 0.37, compared to the 0.72 average spread on the standard account. Skilling supports multiple payment methods, including VISA, MasterCard, and e-wallets such as Skrill. 

What We Like 

  • Offers more than 700 stock trading CFDs
  • Up to 50x leverage offered
  • Low spreads with the premium account
Approx Number of Stocks: 700+ stock CFDs
Pricing System: spreads (no commission)
Cost of Buying Amazon: 0.37 (Premium account)
iOS and Android: Both
App Same Functionality as Website: Yes

5. Vantage - CFD Stock Trading with Multiple Social Trading Options

This stock app UK offers access to CFD trading in stocks, commodities, forex and indices. A total of 400 instruments is available in all, with up to 500:1 leverage on offer as well as a convenient minimum deposit of $50. Vantage is also popular as one of the leading spread betting brokers in the UK.

Vantage offers comprehensive news and market information, as well as powerful charting tools (including Bollinger Bands, MACD, Moving Averages).

best investment apps vantage mobile

When it comes to stocks vs. forex trading, the emphasis with Vantage is on forex. But 500+ US stocks - including popular new stocks - are available as CFDs.

Vantage offers its own Vantage Social Trading platform, as well as established providers ZuluTrade and DupliTrade. Support for MT4 and MT5 is also available.

What We Like

  • 4.8/5 rating achieved on Google Play from 10.6k reviews and 5/5 rating achieved on the App Store from 1.3k reviews
  • Free $100k demo account
  • 24/5 customer support via live chat
Approx Number of Stocks: 500 US stocks plus other international stocks
Pricing System: $0 commission on US stocks
Cost of Buying Amazon: Spread fee but zero commission
iOS and Android: Both
App Same Functionality as Website: Not all add-on platforms

Trading derivatives carries significant risks. It is not suitable for all investors and if you are a professional client, you could lose substantially more than your initial investment.

6. Libertex - Award-winning CFD Broker with Streamlined Share Offering

With almost 25 years in business, Libertex is a dedicated CFD broker with 40+ international awards under its belt - including Best CFD Broker Europe 2022 from Global Brands Magazine and Best Trading Platform 2020 from World Finance.

250+ tradable assets are on offer including stocks, forex, indices, crypto and ETFs. Libertex offers three trading platforms: Libertex's home platform and MT4/MT5. A slimline selection of shares is available, including popular energy stocks and tech stocks.

Libertex's stock app UK has achieved a rating of 4.7/5 from 26k reviews on Google Play from 5m downloads. On the App Store, this stock app UK gained a score of 4.3/5.

best investment apps libertex mobile

Note that Libertex. although regulated by the FCA, is in the process of winding down its UK operations.

What We Like

  • Special zero commission investment account available for long-term investment
  • Free demo account
  • 40+ international awards
Approx Number of Stocks: 50+
Pricing System: With Investment Account, spread fee only on share purchases; Otherwise commission plus CFD overnight fees
Cost of Buying Amazon: Commission of 0.0003% plus overnight fee of -0.0302%
iOS and Android: Both
App Same Functionality as Website: Yes

62.2% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

7. Pepperstone - CFD Share Trading with Access to Key Trader Platforms

With a 4.7/5 rating on Trustpilot based on 1,748 reviews, we can conclude that the Pepperstone app is perhaps one of the best stock apps UK according to users.

Pepperstone's app is called the Pepperstone cTrader. It has received an average rating of 4.3/5 on Google Play from 2.7k reviews and 4.2/5 on the App Store from 40 reviews. This stock app offers plenty of customisability for expert traders, but does not offer biometric log-in.

Pepperstone offers social trading via partner DupliTrade. The broker is regulated by the FCA, CYSEC, BAFIN, ASIC, CMA, DSFA and SCB.

Pepperstone mobile app

Read our extended Pepperstone review.

What We Like

  • 24hr customer service 5 days a week
  • Access to advanced trading tools with TradingView
  • Access to trading platforms MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader
Approx Number of Stocks: 900+
Pricing System: No additional spread fee but 0.1% commission per trade on UK shares, $0.02 per US share
Cost of Buying Amazon: $0.02 commission per share + spread fee
iOS and Android: Both
App Same Functionality as Website: Yes

74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

8. Plus500 - UK-based Provider of CFD Share Dealing with Zero Commission

One of the popular CFD brokers UK, Plus500 bases its global operation in the City of London.

Our Plus500 UK review found that this trading platform offers a range of 2,500 CFD instruments in all across shares, forex, indices, commodities and crypto. Shares are only available as CFDs, with convenient leverage and short options.

This stock app UK offers a free demo - which is useful for beginners. Plus500 does not charge deposit or withdrawal fees, but does levy a currency conversion fee on trades if applicable. Trades are commission-free, but overnight and spread fees apply.

Plus500 is extensively regulated: by the FCA, CySEC, FMA, FSCA and others.

Plus500 mobile app

What We Like

  • 22m+ users
  • 4.2/5 rating on Trustpilot
  • 4.2/5 on the App Store from 260+ reviews, 4.2/5 on Google Play from 101k+ reviews
Approx Number of Stocks: 500+
Pricing System: Spread fee plus CFD overnight fees plus currency conversion fee
Cost of Buying Amazon: Spread fee of 0.75% plus overnight fee of -0.06135% plus currency conversion fee
iOS and Android: Both
App Same Functionality as Website: Yes

9. Hargreaves Lansdown - UK-based Provider of Funds and Shares

Mutual funds are a popular way for investors to invest in many shares at once to spread risk - and the Hargreaves Lansdown stock app UK offers 3949 of them as well as ETFs, bonds, gilts and shares.

Hargreaves Lansdown is headquartered in Bristol, UK. The broker employs over 2,000 staff to service over 1.7m clients. Over £120bn of client funds is entrusted with Hargreaves, which is a FTSE 100 company in its own right regulated by the FCA.

Although this broker offers a pricing system based on commission, it is worth noting that spreads on buying and selling prices appear to be tight. For example, Apple is available to buy at $146.17 and to sell at $146.16 - which equates to a very tight spread of 0.006%.

Hargreaves Lansdown mobile app

What We Like

  • Broker headquartered in the UK with accounts in GBP
  • Broker has 40 years experience
  • Convenient access to many mutual funds and ETFs as well as shares
Approx Number of Stocks: 1,000+
Pricing System: Spread plus £5.95 to £11.95 commission based on trading frequency plus FX charge for overseas deals
Cost of Buying Amazon: 0.25%-1% FX charge + $5.95-£11.95 commission plus 0.006% spread
iOS and Android: Both
App Same Functionality as Website: Largely

10. Freetrade - UK-based Dedicated Share Trading App with 1m+ Clients

The Freetrade brokerage service is available as smartphone app only.

Headquartered in London UK, this stock app UK has a fresh, modern feel and offers a maximum of 6,000 shares, ETFs, REITs and SPACs to deal in. Commodities and CFDs are not available.

Freetrade mobile app

Access to stocks depends on account type:

  • The Basic account is free, but allows access to only 1,500 shares and ETFs.
  • The Standard account costs £4.99 per month and offers the full range of 6,000 shares and ETFs - as well as 1% on uninvested cash.
  • The Plus account costs £9.99 per month, offers all shares/ETFs and pays 3% on uninvested cash.

What We Like

  • Investor funds protected by UK FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme)
  • Awarded Best Online Trading Platform 2019-2022 by British Bank Awards
  • 4.2/5 rating on Trustpilot based on 2.8k reviews
Approx Number of Stocks: 6,000+ UK, US and European stocks
Pricing System: Monthly subscription (£0-£9.99 per month) plus spread fee
Cost of Buying Amazon: Depends on subscription; zero commission, just spread fee
iOS and Android: Both
App Same Functionality as Website: App only

11. IG - Popular trading platform with over 12,000 stocks

IGEstablished in 1974, IG is one of the most popular stock trading platforms, with over 313,000 users. Through the IG trading app, traders can invest in over 18,000 markets with the click of a button. Along with CFD stocks, the IG app lets investors trade forex pairs, indices, and options.

The IG app lets investors set price alerts, receive real-time market updates and enter limit orders and trailing stops. IG's interactive price charts contain 28 technical indicators, including MACD and Bollinger Bands. While the IG app is only available on Android devices, the web-based platform is compatible with iOS as well.

IG app

One can trade more than 12,000 stock CFDs with IG. Stock trading on IG is commission-based. For instance, the minimum fee for trading stock CFDs on IG is $15.  To get started with IG, users are required to make a minimum deposit of $300. When making the deposit with VISA or Mastercard, the platform charges an additional fee of 0.5% and 1% per transaction, respectively.

What We Like

  • Over 12,000 stock CFDs
  • Offers multiple technical indicators
  • Multi-asset trading platform
Approx Number of Stocks: 12,000 + CFD stocks
Pricing System: Commission-based for stocks
Cost of Buying Amazon: starts from $15 commission
iOS and Android: Only Android
App Same Functionality as Website: Yes

Best Stock Trading Apps UK According to Traders Compared

Broker Approx. Number of Stocks Pricing System Cost of Buying Amazon
eToro 3,000+ Spread fee 0.3% spread fee (variable)
XTB 2,100+ markets including stocks Spread fee plus overnight fee 0.4% spread (variable) plus overnight fee
Vantage 500+ key US stocks plus others Zero commission on US stocks Zero commission but spread fee (variable) applies
Libertex 50+ If standard account, then commission plus overnight fees. If investment account, zero commission applies Commission of 0.0003% plus overnight fee of -0.0302%
AvaTrade 90+ Spreads applied 0.13% spread
Pepperstone 900+ No additional spread fee but 0.1% commission per trade on UK shares, $0.02 per US share Spread fee plus $0.02 per share
Plus500 500+  Spread Fee plus CFD overnight fees Spread fee of 0.75% plus overnight fee of -0.06135%
Hargreaves Lansdown 1,000+ from 15+ international exchanges Spread plus £5.95 to £11.95 commission based on trading frequency plus FX charge for overseas deals  0.25%-1% FX charge + $5.95-£11.95 commission plus 0.006% spread
Freetrade 6,000+  Monthly subscription (£0-£9.99 per month) plus spread fee Depends on subscription; zero commission, just spread

Choosing a Stock App in the UK - Key Metrics to Look Out For

How to judge the most popular trading apps UK? Below are some key features to consider.


Whether a broker is providing a London stock exchange trading app or an app that allows international share dealing too, it is important that the broker is regulated somewhere in the world.

  • eToro, for example, is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of London, and is also part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which protects investor deposits.

Range of Stocks

The range of stocks offered by each stock trading app UK varies massively. Libertex, for example, offers just 50+ stocks. Hargreaves Landsdown offers 1,000+ stocks and over 3,000 mutual funds to browse.


Some brokers (like Freetrade) charge a monthly subscription. Others (like eToro) charge zero commission on trades. Most brokers charge a spread fee, which is the difference between the price an investor can buy at, and the price they can sell at, at any given time.

The most popular investment apps are always 100% transparent about their fees.

Mobile Experience

Niggles with smartphone apps are common - whether they are stock apps UK or designed for other purposes. We look for high ratings across multiple assessing platforms (like the App Store, Google Play and Trustpilot) as well as a willingness from a broker to remedy user issues promptly.

Trading Tools

Trading tools fall into two categories: market orders and charting tools.

  • Market orders allow investors to get sophisticated about market entries and exits. Setting a Stop Loss, for example, is a key safety measure offered by many brokers which allows the investor to exit a position if it starts to lose too much money.
  • Charting tools are ideal for technical trading, but tend to be tricky to use on smartphone stock trading apps UK.

Minimum Deposit

Even penny stock apps UK must set a minimum deposit. Nowadays, investors are not expected to stump up thousands of pounds. The minimum card deposit on eToro, for example, is $50.

Demo Account

Most stock market apps UK offer free demo accounts. We recommend investors take advantage. Although there will generally be few hoops to jump through in terms of providing some ID, free demo accounts come with no obligation and investors can learn how a broker's app works without committing funds.

Payment Methods

Gone are the days when UK stock market apps made it difficult to deposit funds. It is, of course, in the interest of apps to make it easy for clients to deposit funds because then business can be done, and fees earnt!

Nowadays, investors can expect to be able to deposit GBP funds via bank card, bank transfer and some payment wallets, notably Skrill, PayPal and Neteller. Many brokers (including eToro) do not charge deposit fees. But currency conversion fees may apply.

Customer Service

Ideally UK stock apps should offer 24hr customer service seven days a week via the telephone. We have not identified a broker that offers this, although some offer 24/7 customer service 5 days a week via online ticket system.

How to Use a Stock App in the UK - eToro Tutorial

Using a stock app UK involves the same four basic steps:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Get Verified
  3. Deposit Funds
  4. Execute a Trade

Below we use eToro's free stock trading app UK as an example.

1. Sign Up

Investors can either sign up with an app direct from their smartphone - or handle the sign-up procedure from the desktop web platform.

etoro app

Either way, the investor will be asked to supply some simple personal details including email, phone number, and National Insurance Number.

2. Get Verified

If an investor already has an account with another stock app UK, the broker may be able to electronically verify their ID without the investor having to do anything; very convenient.

Otherwise, proof of ID and address will be required. Depending on the broker, this can be scanned in using the camera on the investor's smartphone, or sent via email.

Then, according to Know-Your-Customer regulations, the broker will need to check that the investor is not out of their depth. A series of questions about investing will be asked.

3. Deposit Funds

Once their account is verified, an investor may deposit funds. eToro is not alone among brokers in offering many convenient ways to deposit funds including bank cards, PayPal, bank transfer, Skrill and Neteller.

etoro app

4. Execute a Trade

Once funds are successfully deposited, the user may begin trading.

The user can browse through markets and pinpoint stocks of interest. It is then simple to either press 'buy' or 'sell' (depending on whether the investor wants to go long or short), specify the amount to be invested, and execute the trade. The freshly-bought shares will be stored in the investor's portfolio, accessible via the stock app UK.

buy apple stock on eToro app


Above we have reviewed ten popular stock investing apps UK.

Let us be clear: it is not possible to say that one stock app UK is better than the rest; it all depends on what type of investing the user is aiming for.

CFD trading apps - like eToro's for example - are popular with investors who want to benefit from the options of Contracts-For-Difference. Many other brokers offer CFD trading, which allows investors to go short on shares as well as leverage their trade. But overnight fees apply for positions held.

Customer service is, of course, a key metric when it comes to stock apps UK. This is difficult to gauge without having an extended relationship with a stock app.

Overall, we recommend that investors do their own research when it comes to stock apps UK and take advantage of the free trials offered by many brokers.

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78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and/or CFDs with this provider.


What is the most popular UK stock app?

What is the best stock trading app for beginners in the UK according to traders?