A Spanish career mobility startup call StudentFinance has managed to raise $41m in order to help people to upskill and to secure work in industries such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. This brings the total funding of the firm to 44.7m euros.

The funding round has found investors from Iberis Capital, Martin Villig from Bolt, and the founder of Monzo Ed Vaizey.

The fundraising round means that the company will now be well-endowed to develop on their promises and hopes to ensure that they can train and retrain much larger numbers of individuals.

After receiving licenses from the German authorities last year, the company will also be expanding into the German market, which also has a thriving quaternary sector and highly trained workers.

Appetite to work in the quaternary sector continues to rise

As the world becomes more digital, people in developed countries are keener to work in the tertiary and quaternary sectors than ever before, and StudentFinance hopes to help people to achieve their goals in this regard.

The 39 million euros that they raised in their Series A fundraising round will help them to continue to identify the most in-demand skills in a variety of sectors and to assist people in upskilling so that they can become more easily employed.

Spain’s StudentFinance to launch in the UK

StudentFinance believes that there is a lot of scope for their company to grow in the coming years, and has referenced the World Economic Forum’s claims that over one billion workers will need to be retrained by the year 2030 thanks to changes in the technological landscape.

Some of their main goals in this regard including trying to expand the country’s development in the automotive sector and advancing the transition towards electric vehicles.

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