gap ceo resigns

The price of Gap stock is falling more than 4% this morning at $8.4 per share following the unexpected resignation of its Chief Executive Officer, Sonia Syngal, after two years at the helm.

Declining sales in the midst of a supply chain crisis have been cited by industry specialists as the top reason for Syngal’s departure with retailers now struggling to offload millions of dollars in inventory they accumulated in the past few quarters in response to shipping delays and shortages.

The Board of Directors of Gap indicated that they were actively searching for a replacement for Syngal and have temporarily appointed Bob Martin as the interim CEO of the firm.

“Bob Martin is a 40-year industry veteran with extensive retail experience at corporations including Dillard’s Inc. and Walmart where he served as CEO of its International division”, Gap stated in the official press release published yesterday.

Alongside this announcement, Gap also provided an update on the expected performance of its business during the second fiscal quarter of 2022.

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The company shared that it expects to see its Q2 sales declining by the high single-digits in percentage terms – a prediction that is in line with the firm’s previous forecasts for the period.

In addition, Gap stated that it has continued to experience profit margin headwinds amid elevated air freight expenditures and raw materials inflation. As a result, the company is expecting to report zero to slightly negative adjusted operating margins in this quarter.

First Quarter Results for Gap Reveal Its Most Relevant Struggles

gap stock price chart
Gap Inc (GPS) price chart – Source: TradingView

Back in the first quarter of the year, Gap reported a 13% decline in its net sales, which ended the period at $3.5 billion. The company stated that its top-line performance was negatively impacted by store closures, a change in the way its business is structured in Europe, and the absence of monetary stimulus from the government – a factor that contributed to lifting the firm’s sales during the pandemic.

Online sales experienced a 17% year-on-year decline while comparable sales went down 14% on the same basis due to the above-mentioned industry-wide headwinds.

Gross margins during that period experienced a 930 basis point decline at 31.5% while operating margins stood at minus 5.7% resulting in a $197 million loss at the operating level.

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During this first quarter, Gap reported negative free cash flows of $590 million and was forced to withdraw $350 million from a revolving credit facility to strengthen its liquidity. As a result, the company’s cash reserves ended the period at $845 million compared to $2.01 billion the firm had a year ago.

The firm’s declining cash reserves in the context of an ongoing supply chain crisis could be one of the reasons why market participants may be concerned about the near-term performance of the company as Gap appears to be accumulating inventory at an unsustainable pace.

Performance of Gap Stock Reflects The Market’s Lack of Appetite for Risk

If a recession hits the United States and sales continue to decline, the company will find itself in a challenging situation as it would have to offer significant discounts to offload its inventory quickly enough to raise liquidity.

This would lead to bigger-than-expected losses and may not necessarily help the company in shoring up its finances. If by any means, Gap has to resort to the credit market to strengthen its balance sheet, the conditions demanded by prospective financiers may further hurt the company’s bottom line as macroeconomic conditions are unfavorable for struggling businesses.

This helps explain why Gap stock is down nearly 54% so far this year while it is trading roughly 78% below its 52-week high. Meanwhile, the departure of Gap’s CEO adds an extra layer of uncertainty to the business’s outlook.

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