Apple is rumored to launch a flurry of new products over the next year. The reports come at a time when the stock has been under pressure amid the broader market sell-off.

Apple reached the milestone of hitting the $3 trillion market cap on the first trading day of 2022 only. However, amid the sell-off, it seemed that its market cap could even fall below $2 trillion.

Coming back to the rumored Apple products, the company is reportedly going to launch four models of the iPhone 14 this year. The company launches a new model of its flagship iPhone every fall towards the end of its fiscal year. The product launch helps it propel its year-end revenues. While the iPhone 12 was admired by most analysts, many were not too impressed with the iPhone 13 which was launched in 2021.

In 2021, Apple might ditch the mini version for the new non-pro Max model. Also, as is the case with new iPhone models, the iPhone 14 is expected to have a better camera and display.

Apple is also rumored to launch its AR-VR set. For the last few months, analysts have been speculating the possibility of Apple launching an AR/VR headset but so far, the company hasn’t made any concrete announcement. The entry into AR/NR headsets would help the company increase its addressable market.

Apple is also reportedly working on a HomePod. However, the product might not come until the next year. Notably, Apple has been battling the global supply chain crisis and has lost billions of dollars in sales over the last year due to a shortage of components. iPad sales have been particularly hit by supply chain woes.

Apple Set to Launch Flurry of New Products

Apple might also upgrade its iPad and iPad Pro. The company might also launch the updated Apple Watch. Apple TV might also get an upgrade and even a cheaper version. Notably, Bernstein today said that it sees further upside to Apple TV. However, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook believes that financial services could be a key driver for the iPhone maker over the long term. The company has also entered into the fast-growing buy-now-pay-later market.

Also, while the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes have taken a toll on growth and tech stocks, Apple has been a relative outperformer. Last week, Morgan Stanley reiterated Apple stock as an overweight adding that it is among the “best placed” amid the rising rate environment. The Fed has already raised rates by 150 basis points and the dot plot calls for another 175 basis point rate hike in the year.

Rate hikes are also stoking recession worries especially as rising inflation has started to take a toll on consumer spending. Brokerages are meanwhile mixed on the outlook for US stocks and a possible US recession. While Citi sees a 50% probability of a recession, JPMorgan sees stocks running higher in the second half of the year.

Bank of America also believes that the S&P 500 would bottom in October and then head towards 6,000 by 2028.

Warren Buffett and Reddit Traders Agree on One Stock

Apple is Berkshire Hathaway’s largest holding and Warren Buffett added more stocks in the first quarter. Apple is probably among the rare names where Reddit traders and Oracle of Omaha have similar views. While Reddit traders have taken a backseat amid the plunge in stocks, a House report on meme stock trading has come back to haunt Robinhood.

Coming back to the new product launches, markets would watch out for the official confirmation from Apple. That said, Apple and Tesla are probably two companies whose product launches get outsight attention. No wonder even hardcore Tesla bulls like Gene Munster and Adam Jonas believe that Apple’s eventual entry into electric cars and autonomous vehicles would be a big risk for Tesla.

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