Both types of companies have advantages and disadvantages. Below you can have a look at them.


  • Corporate companies provide a safer environment. They are financially secure so you can be sure that you will receive your paycheck every month.
  • You have a defined job role. Everybody knows their responsibilities. Therefore, it is enough to stay within your job description.
  • In a corporate company, it is expected from you to become an expert at one thing. You don’t need to be flexible and have knowledge about everything.
  • Big companies have better perks such as better health care benefits, retirement programs, gym discounts, flexible paid-time-off and etc.
  • Big companies have orientation programs and training for new hires. They don’t expect you to on-board right on the first day. They generally give new hires a month or so to get used to their responsibilities.
  • There is competition among peers. Everybody tries to take credit for each other’s work and sell themselves in order to promote.
  • You can work for some of the coolest brands of the world which is recognized by billions of people. This increases your market value for future applications because you have brand recognition on your CV.


  • You can speak with the CEO very easily and CEO knows your name because everybody knows everybody and your ideas can reach to the top easily.
  • In a startup, you have to be flexible in your job duties. You need to wear multiple hats such as do the sales, marketing, product design and etc. If you are not sure what you want to do in the future, this allows you to decide what you actually like working on.
  • Your learning curve is much steeper. Since you wear multiple hats, you learn almost anything and more importantly you learn how to run a company and this gives you the skills to open your own business in the future.
  • You can promote very easily, if your product becomes successful. As your startup starts to recruit new people, you get your reward and promote to a more senior position.
  • Startups generally have a more fun environment to work. They provide free snacks, refreshments, fun activities and generally your coworkers will be younger people.
  • Startups let you be more creative in your work because they don’t have strict structures or rules to follow.
  • Your coworkers are very passionate because everybody has one and only goal which is making the product valuable enough so everybody uses it.