Every startup has an incredible story to share with the world. Some stories are centered around a “Eureka!” moment. This is when a startup founder figures out a practical, yet genius, method to quickly and efficiently solve a problem facing many people. Others may be stories of friends or family members that team up to start a business rooted in a specific mission and meet the needs of its target audience.

Storytelling gives us the chance to share who is behind the business and its purpose, or mission, with its audience. It’s important to share the story of your startup, from humble beginnings to where it is now in the present day, for several reasons.

Stories show us that we are not alone.

One of the most common challenges entrepreneurs face is loneliness. Going it alone often lends itself to feeling as though you are alone on your entrepreneurial path. Has anyone else had similar struggles or are we simply experiencing them for the first time?

Storytelling is often done through podcasts, blog posts, vlogs, social media, or any other platforms that impact the startup’s bottom line. The narrative shows entrepreneurs that we are not alone. Influential leaders we look up to and admire all got their start somewhere. These same leaders faced challenges — some of which may be the same ones facing new entrepreneurs! — and found ways to solve them. These stories show entrepreneurs that they are not alone. It gives them the confidence necessary to keep going and pursuing their dreams.

Stories provide visibility.

Who are the people behind this startup? What are their backgrounds? Why did they start a small business and what was their M.O. for disrupting an industry?

Sharing our stories provide founders with visibility. They are able to step forward and candidly share their “why” for starting this business. Some may reveal that this was a life-long dream. Others may say they left behind established jobs for a chance to explore their passion.

Starting a business means taking a risk. When we learn about what the founders of the startup gave up in order to follow their dreams and make a difference, it teaches people from all walks of life that the possibilities are endless.

We get inspired by stories.

Each person is full of potential just waiting to be unlocked. What happens when we hear an inspiring story of someone who made extraordinary things happen in their lives? Their story inspires us. We may even consider the founder or CEO to be a role model that we look up to because of their actions and giving natures.

Stories also do more than inspire. For many, this is the call to action necessary to get up and get going with a small business. We’re encouraged to start a side hustle where we can begin tapping into our creative side. This unleashes our potential.

You never know who may be listening to or reading about a startup’s story and how that script may flip in the future. One day, the listener may be the one sharing their own startup’s story to a captive audience!