If you’re someone who has startup fever, which states in the U.S. should you consider relocating to for employment or to tap into quality startup talent?

StartUpHire has pulled together some data from activity on its career site and unsurprisingly, California tops the list of states with the most startup jobs. California is home to Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram and countless other startup companies, so it’s hardly surprising to see the Golden State with the lion’s share (36.3 percent) of startup jobs in the country.

But numbers 2 through 20 shouldn’t be overlooked. Right behind California is Massachusetts, with 7.43 percent of the startup job market, and New York with 7.13 percent of the startup job market. And if you’re looking for growth in the startup job sector, you can’t beat Colorado, which saw a 170 percent increase in startup jobs between 2010 and 2011. That bests California’s 123.76 percent startup job growth rate for that same time period.

Check out the infographic in full for the complete picture on startup hiring.

Startup jobs in the U.S.